Bajor SFMC Compound Attacked During Protests: 4 Marines Killed

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IC Date: Tue Jun 24 2403

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - A peaceful protest outside of the Starfleet Marine Corp Compound turned deadly last night, resulting in the deaths of four Starfleet Marine officers and the arrest and questioning of a dozen suspects.

The demonstration swelled to just over a thousand participants, many holding up signs and chanting in protest to what is being called "the second occupation of Bajor."

According to eye-witness accounts, just after 19:00 hours local time, a series of phaser and small arms fire erupted from the center of the crowd and were aimed at the Maine compound and its security details. Simultaneous reports of nearby explosions hampered immediate response by planetary security forces.

The SFMC compound has been under lockdown since an initial attack three days ago. Officials have not yet released identifying information on the marines killed in last night's attack; INW has learned that none were Bajoran nationals.

A high-ranking Bajoran security official confirmed that of the dozen suspects detained in the demonstration, all but two have been questioned and released.

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