Bajor celebrates secession

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IC Date: Mon May 2 2405

CENDRA PROVINCE, BAJOR (INW) -- All across Bajor, celebrations of independence illuminated the night skies as May 1, 2405, marked the beginning of Bajor's journey as an sovereign nation.

"This is a journey we will take together," Lishan Noryl remarked at the celebrations outside of the Government Building in the Cendra Province. "The coming days and weeks will no doubt bring their fair share of challenges, but for now, we celebrate the many things for which we are thankful, including a continued friendship with the Galaxy Alliance."

Traffic in the Bajor sector has increased significantly as Bajorans returned home to celebrate this historic occasion. In an update from the Starfleet Bureau of Personnel, Bajorans and citizens of Bajor continue to resign en masse. The Starfleet Office of Public Affairs released a statement describing the loss of personnel as "a tremendous hit". Some economic analysts question whether Starfleet will begin a recruiting campaign, or if they may use this as an opportunity to balance the payroll.

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