Bajor planetary elections reinstated!

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IC Date: Tue Mar 1 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - The Supreme Court of Bajor has dismissed the case of O'Dell, Ashan, et al. versus the Planetary Election Agency that has brought the election for a new First Minister to a halt. The case alleged that undue favor was given to two candidates, Lishan, Kai of Bajor, and Pethro, Governor of Kendra Province, on the basis of a financial bias.

Though the case has been dismissed, the scheduled elections on Bajor have been completely derailed through this lengthy process. Riots and organized protests following the suit were reported throughout Bajor, adding fuel to an already unstable political fire.

The Supreme Court of Bajor has reinstated the planetary elections and set a new planet-wide election to be held in thirty days. The additional month has been granted to allow candidates the opportunity to resume their campaigns, many of whom had to halt their campaigns due to lack of funding for such a lengthy extension.

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