Bajor softens its tone, strides forward for secession

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IC Date: Sat Apr 23 2405

PARIS, EARTH (INW) -- Debates between the Bajoran council delegation and the Alliance have changed vastly after Kai Lishan s poke personally with the delegation on Earth several days ago. After his consultation, which is rumored to have included some commentary on behalf of the Emissary of the Prophets, Starfleet Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Bajor has become far more amenable to some of the Alliance's talking points.

The negotiations between Bajoran and Alliance leaders are now in full swing and significant progress is being reported. Both sides seem optimistic that secession will move forward; however, instead of a hard-and-fast separation, secession will most likely take place in stages.

Of notable concern is space station Deep Space Nine, located at the mouth of the wormhole in the Bajor sector. In the original bill, Bajor demanded the transfer of the station to Bajoran authority as part of the proposed strict separation from the Alliance. However, military analysts have noted the strategic importance of this installation in recent years as well as its importance for potential Gamma Quadrant exploration expeditions.

Both sides report that they are close to reaching an agreement that will be acceptable to both sides.

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