Bajoran Defense Force Naval Reserves

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Bajoran Defense Force Reserves
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Headquarters: Starbase Deep Space 9, B'hava'el Sector
Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force Reserves: ADM Eka Ruao Sarjanna

The Bajoran Defense Force Reserves are the Reserve Component of the Bajoran Defense Force (BDF). This component falls under the office of the Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force for the Navy (DCBDFNAVY), with the officer appointed as the Chief of the BDF Reserves (CBDFRES). The headquarters for the Reserves is located at Starbase Deep Space 9.


Functions of the Reserves

Attention to Orders

The following are the rules regarding service within the Bajoran Fleet Reserve (BFR) and Bajoran Merchant Reserve Corps (RMC):

1. All vessels and personnel are considered civilian unless activated by either the Command Office of the Bajoran Fleet Reserve, the Office of Chief of the Defense Force or Office of Chief of the Navy.

2. In the event of activation, there will be a period of no less than 24 hours to affirmatively answer the call, unless otherwise specified within the orders given. To that effect, the affirmation of orders will be given either in person, via commplant or viewscreen, or via communique.

3. Rules of Engagement.

  • A. While usage of the vessel is under trading auspices, weapons shall not be powered or charged while outside Bajoran Territory, unless in Unclaimed Space. The usage or powering of weapons in foreign space will be dealt with by foreign authorities.
  • B. Do not fire unless fired upon. Use of weapons shall only be used in defense while not under military orders.

4. Rules of cargo and trade.

  • A. Usage of the Celestial Temple for trade with New Bajor and Dosi are allowed by RMC vessels.
  • B. The Democratic Republic of Bajor has trade treaties with the following nations:
    • 1. Galactic Alliance
    • 2. Romulan Stelar Shiar
    • 3. Beeraxi Confederation
  • C. Foreign rules for entry/exit into their territory will be adhered to at all times, as well as rules regarding weaponry and bases. Do not go where you don't belong.
  • D. Cargo.
    • 1. At any time, if contraband or otherwise illegal cargos (illegal cargo shows as xCargo, i.e., xPharmaceuticals, etc.) are held within the cargo holds of RMC ships, the ship's Master and/or crew WILL be held criminally liable to include but not be limited to Court-Martial.

Dues and Fees

All Merchant Captains in the Bajoran Fleet Reserve (BFR) and Bajoran Merchant Reserve Corps (RMC) are required to submit a portion of their trade income. These monies are used to maintain the ships in the fleet and for organizational oversight.

Fees are due on a monthly (RL) basis, along with transaction records of all trades transpired during the cycle.


The vessels in the Bajoran Fleet Reserve are a variant of the Cestus-Class Frigate, additionally modified and configured to haul cargo.

Bajoran Fleet Reserve Starships
SBR Shakaar Edon MTIN-5000 Cestus Variant Destroyed
SBR Opaka Sulan MTIN-5001 Cestus Variant AQ/GQ Trade
SBR Li Nalas MTIN-5003 Cestus Variant Destroyed
SBR Higa Metar MTIN-5004 Cestus Variant AQ/GQ Trade
SBR Lenaris Holem MTIN-5005 Cestus Variant AQ/GQ Trade
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