Bajoran Determined to Expose Vulcan Sense of Humor (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
16 Jan 2014

Senka is calibrating a medical scanner as the doors open.

Vaore comes into the infirmary, pausing just inside the door and looks around.

You say, "Recruit?""

Vaore smiles reassuringly to the medical person. "I'm just doing rounds. I thought I would come in and make sure everything is alright."

You say, "Indeed, it is.""

Vaore glances around the infirmary again. "It seems like a quiet night on the promenade, too. If I wasn't walking around, I might fall asleep." He laughs a bit.

You say, "I would certainly recommend against sleeping while on duty."

Vaore uhhs for a second and then nods, "Yes, sir, I will remember that. I have to remember that you Vulcans don't have a very good sense of humor."

You say, "We have none, strictly speaking."

Vaore looks skeptical and shakes his head. "I think life would be pretty boring without humor. I'll find something to make you laugh some time. I consider it a challenge."

You say, "Then you will fail, Recruit."

Senka continues calibrating the med scanner, watching you reservedly.

Vaore thinks for a moment. "OK," he says. "I'll take that as challenge accepted then. How about this one." He takes a deep breath and clears his throat. "How many Romulans does it take to change a light fixture?" He waits a beat before he answers himself. "One hundred and fifty one. One to change the light fixture and one hundred fifty to self-destruct the ship out of disgrace."

"That," Senka replies, "is both illogical and racially prejudiced."

Vaore bites his lip and nods. "That's what makes it funny. I hope you're not offended." He pauses a beat and then looks like he's had another thought. "OK, OK. How about: What did the comms officer say when small asteroids started hitting the hull?" He waits for Senka to guess on this one.

Senka sighs. "Presumably, the science officer would have been alerted before the comm officer in that scenario, Mr. Vaiore."

Vaore shakes his head, "No, he said, 'Captain, we're being -hailed-.'"

"A response based on mere wordplay."

Vaore sighs "That's what makes it funny."

Senka shrugs, barely moving his shoulders to do so. "As you say."

Vaore looks a bit deflated for a bit now but pops back pretty resiliently. "I'll find something. It might take me some time, but I will prevail." He starts to turn around and exit so that he can get back to the boring job of patrolling the promenade.

"Since my lifespan is double your own," Senka offers, "It will take more time than you have, Recruit."

Vaore says, "Statistically, yes, but anything can happen!" Vaore says as he exits.”

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