Bajoran Election Report: Admiral Ruao endorses Kai Lishan for First Minister!

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IC Date: Sat Sep 6 2403

STARBASE DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) - Admiral Ruao Sarjanna has issued an official endorsement for Kai Lishan Noryl for the office of First Minister of Bajor. The endorsement was made early this morning, in a rare question-and-answer session with this reporter.

When asked about the reasons behind her sudden announcement, Admiral Ruao stated that "it was the will of the Prophets. Kai Lishan has shown himself to be a capable leader among those in our religious order. He has also demonstrated a rare gift of insight into political matters. I believe he will usher Bajor to a more prosperous era."

This reporter asked the admiral on her opinion of the previous First Minister, Krell Irik. The admiral replied with a simple, "I have no opinion on that subject." She was further questioned on whether the endorsement was the result of a Bajoran religious vision. The admiral replied with, "No comment."

An endorsement by the famed Emissary of the Prophets is sure to alter the political landscape of this special election. Already, acting Second Minister Enyo Jason has withdrawn his bid for the office on the news of this endorsement, citing his religious belief that the Emissary speaks for the Prophets. The spokesperson for the Acting First Minister, Jeeya Ritana, said that they intend to issue an official statement on the matter before the end of the week. Minister Jeeya is en route to Earth, to meet with the Bajoran delegation to the Alliance High Council in closed-door talks.

Kai Lishan was not immediately available for comment at the time of this report.

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