Bajoran Minister Kidnapped, Rescued

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Date: Fri Jun 17 08:55:44 2011
IC Date: Sun Jun 8 22:34:24 2408
Stardate: 85437.79

DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) -- While conducting a surprise inspection of the commercial facilities aboard Deep Space 9, the Bajoran Minister of Commerce was abducted by forces claiming allegiance to the Alliance for Global Unity, otherwise known as The Circle.

However, only four hours later, the Second Minister of Bajor, Norisha Van, successfully negotiated the release of the Minister. Second Minister Norisha is being lauded as a hero, while the First Minister of Bajor, Kai Lishan Noryl, is being harshly criticized for not doing more to deal with threats to Bajoran security.

In light of this incident, public opinion polls regarding their faith in the ability of Lishan Noryl to successfully lead the government have fallen to only 32%. The citizens of Bajor still support him as their Kai--or spiritual leader--but many are now wondering if he was the right choice to lead Bajor politically.

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