Bajoran National Bank opens its doors

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IC Date: Thu Nov 24 2405

KENDRA PROVINCE, BAJOR (INW) -- The Bajoran National Bank opened the doors to its new headquarters today in the Kendra Province commercial district on Bajor. Simultaneously, the bank opened its doors to branches throughout Bajor and became accessible at many automated tellers throughout the sector.

"The Bajoran National Bank wants to offer big bank benefits with small bank customer service," a BNB public affairs officer stated at the grand opening ceremony in Kendra. "We are offering competitive interest rates on loans as well as investments. Furthermore, we have reached an agreement with the Bajoran government to administrate government-subsidized loans for Bajoran citizens. Of course, they must hold a primary account with us in order to quality for the special rates."

Upon investigating, Intergalactic Newswire found that the bank is backed by some six-hundred billion credits from private investors, though the investor names have not been released to the public. "Many of our investors are patriots -- those who wish to give back to Bajor and have the means to do so financially."

The Bajoran National Bank operates semi-independently of the government, and it is overseen by a Board of Directors that appoints a chief executive. The Board of Directors, however, is appointed by the Bajoran Council of Ministers. Thus far, the most notable appointee to the Board of Directors has been Dr. Venise Jillian.

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