Bajoran admiral paralyzed

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Date: Thu Jun 23 18:25:51 2011
IC Date: Thu Jul 17 07:35:06 2408
Stardate: 85542.64

DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) - Bajoran Admiral Rohan Riva, who was injured when a terrorist device cause major explosions aboard her vessel, has been spotted aboard Deep Space 9 using an anti-gravity chair for mobility.

"The admiral has sustained major injuries as a result of the incident aboard her ship. As a result, she has been temporarily restricted to an anti-grav chair that will assist in her mobility until she regains the use of her legs," a spokesman for the Bajoran Navy said.

The attack on the Admiral's ship, Bajoran Warbird Aehkhifv, has been blamed on the Alliance for Global Unity. It is just one of a series on attacks in recent months by the terrorist group that seeks to rid Bajoran space of all non-Bajorans and those who support continued partnerships with other major powers."

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