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IC Date: Wed Apr 27 2405

PARIS, EARTH (INW) -- The Alliance High Council has released the details of the agreement between the Galaxy Alliance and the soon-to-be Democratic Republic of Bajor.



For a period of ten years, Bajor will be classified as a protectorate of the Alliance. The Bajoran council delegation has agreed to a mutual defense and trade agreement, and Bajor will continue to send delegates to the High Council, although they will no longer enjoy voting rights. This arrangement will result in reduced trade tariffs with members of the Alliance, which should bring some stability to the economic situation on Bajor.


Bajoran civilians living on Bajor will automatically have their citizen ship transferred to the Democratic Republic of Bajor. Other Bajoran civilians living throughout the Alliance will have the opportunity to transfer their citizenship at their request. Non-Bajoran civilians who claim Bajor as their home will also have thirty days to file a 'change of residency' or their citizenship will be transferred.

Bajoran civilians will be given access to Alliance space, and they will also be allowed to conduct business in Alliance space as well for as long as the current agreement remains in effect. An extradition policy ensures that criminal offenses will be handled by the government of origin. Civil offenses may be handled in the courts of either government.

Bajorans currently serving in Starfleet or enrolled in a Starfleet preparation program (i.e., Starfleet Academy or enlisted training program) will enjoy dual citizenship unless they request otherwise.


All real and physical property and facilities formerly belonging to the Galaxy Alliance will be transferred to the possession of the Bajoran government. This will include two notable Starfleet facilities: the former site of Starfleet Academy will become the Bajoran Military Academy after a period of renovation; and, the Starfleet Marine Corps command compound will become the Headquarters of the Bajoran Militia.


The most contested part of the agreement is the arms package, which is designed to ensure the defense and security of the Bajoran people. This package includes the transfer of twenty-five Starfleet vessels currently in storage to Bajoran control. Most of the vessels are outfitted with the latest VR weaponry, quantum torpedoes, and cobalt devices.

Also to be transferred to Bajoran ownership is space station Deep Space 9, which sits at the mouth of the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant in the Bajor sector. This was highly debated during negotiations due to the trillions of credits spent in the last decade restoring Deep Space Nine to operational status.


In exchange for the above, the Galaxy Alliance included several rights and provisions in the agreement. First, though Deep Space 9 will be transferred to Bajoran ownership, the facility will be jointly administrated by both governments, with a Starfleet officer to serve as commanding officer. Members of the Bajoran militia may serve there concurrently with the Starfleet crew, and rank structure will be established by an equivalent rank system for the militia.

Starfleet will also retain control of the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

Though the agreement may seem costly for the Galaxy Alliance, analysts have reported that, at first glance, the agreement is amiable for both sides, allowing Starfleet to retain access to a key strategic sector, the Alliance to retain rights to a key economic center, while addressing many of the concerns the Bajoran people had with Alliance membership.

Lishan Noryl, First Minister of Bajor, and Ruao Sarjanna, Starfleet Chief of Operations and Emissary of the Prophets, are expected to issue statements later today. INW will cover this unfolding story carefully over the coming hours and days.

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