Bajorans reach out to Gamma Quadrant

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IC Date: Sun Sep 25 2405

DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) -- The Democratic Republic of Bajor has taken a major step today as the Council of Ministers revealed that they have made first contact with a race from the Gamma Quadrant known as the Dosi. This marks the first formal contact with a Gamma Quadrant race since the Celestial Temple was discovered on stardate 56680.6.

"We are pleased to announce first contact with the Dosi and also that we have entered into a trade agreement with the Dosi. We should begin seeing merchant vessels from the Gamma Quadrant coming through the Celestial Temple for trade at Deep Space 9 and on Bajor very soon," the Bajoran Ministry of State reported. "The initial contact and subsequent trade agreement was negotiation by Captain Kainon Essa while on a mission of exploration. We are very pleased with both Captain Kainon and the crew of SBR Kongo. They have truly served Bajor well."

Bajor is hopeful that this contact will open the door to a rich source of commerce in the Gamma Quadrant, which could shift the balance of economic power as the Galaxy Alliance continues to struggle economically with the recent loss of tariffs from worlds like Beerax and Bajor.

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