Beerax Governor Appoints 'Count' As Special Envoy for Secession

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IC Date: Sat Dec 14 2402

BEERAX IX(INW) - In a press conference in the Governor's Office on Beerax IX this morning, the Beeraxi Governor appointed self-proclaimed 'Count' Trex Trasera of the Kingdom of Eden Station a special envoy to the Galaxy Alliance High Council. In his new role, Ambassador Trasera will represent the embattled colony in its quest to legally secede from the Alliance.

"In this politically charged environment, it is clear Beerax needs an advocate above and beyond what our excellent Senator can provide. Count Trasera's long-demonstrated dedication to the Beeraxi people, experience on Earth and respected relationships and reputation throughout the Alliance will allow our transition to independence to occur effectively," the Governor said. "At this time in the future of both the Alliance and Beerax, there are many discussions to be held. I am looking forward to working with the High Council to make this transition as smooth as possible," the new Ambassador said in a statement.

Trex Trasera is most well-known for his position as an executive with Ambrosia Incorporated, a leisure company that operates a resort on both the surface and in orbit of Beerax IX. He has been named by INW as the 16th richest person in the universe. An astrophysicist by trade, Mr. Trasera has had an extensive Starfleet career, with service most notably as an Aide-de-Camp to then-Captain Moriah Seryl, the Starfleet Liaison to the Alliance High Council just prior to and after the Freedom War. Lieutenant Commander Trasera retired from active service in 2390 and served as a reservist aide to Starfleet Command during the Tzenkethi War.

Beerax has been wracked with protests for over a year due, in part, to the Tzenkethi War and the taxation policies of the Galaxy Alliance. In July, the colony submitted a secession bill to the High Council; it is expected that Mr. Trasera will be heavily involved in the committee debates that are scheduled to begin next week.

Requests for comment from Chancellor L'vralus and Ambrosia Incorporated were not returned by press time.

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