Beerax IX

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Beerax IX
Affiliation: Beeraxi Confederation
System: Beerax
Classification: M - Terrestrial
Population Size: ~1 Billion
Head of State: First Consul Yunil Irashavi
Location: -3849190268.432 -4440022.137 -226.504
Sector Command: Station Alcatraz
Trade Platform: Kingdom of Eden

The ninth planet of the Beerax System is the only inhabitable planet in the Beeraxi Sector and serves as a trade waypoint between the Galaxy Alliance planets Bajor and Ferenginar and the governments of Chrysalia and the Tzenkethi Coalition. The sector served as the main battlefront of both the Breen and Freedom Wars. In 2404, the planet seceded from the Alliance.

The planet is currently home to an unusually high number of high-profile residents, including the former Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance Dr. Trent L'vralus, the former Alliance Minister of State, Lorian Darin, and five of the universe's richest people, including self-proclaimed regent Count Ciprino Croda, scientist and philanthropist Count Trex Trasera, his wife Medical Doctor and Countess Nherryh Trasera and trading mogul Renkek Kashaan.




Beerax IX started as a fairly inconsequential colony. Though devoid of most precious metals (save for a small gold deposit in the northern hemisphere), the colony exploited its large swaths of arable land for food production and non-precious mineral resources to create a profitable machinery production business. The colony grew steadily until the Breen War consumed the sector.

Breen War

Much of the population of the Colony of Beerax IX were killed or fled during the Breen War, when a Breen-manufactured biological weapon was released into the planet's atmosphere, killing all biological life. Given the strategic importance of the sector as a battlefront, Starfleet constructed one of the first Alamo-class Battlestations to serve as a sentry and command post in orbit of the now-dead world.

Freedom War

In 2385, Starfleet Command shocked the galaxy by appointing Rear Admiral Ritter as the Chief of Starfleet Operations, who replaced retiring Admiral Ruao Sarjanna. Ruao's original choice for her successor, Borg War-hero Rear Admiral Kyle Richards, was instead appointed as Chief of Starbase Operations and set his base of command at Station Alcatraz. In the coming months, the Alliance would break out into full civil war, with Station Alcatraz serving as the Headquarters of the Alliance Defense Fleet. As the War continued, Beerax would be seen as a strategic boon for the rebels, allowing them to take control of near-by La Forge Shipyards and Bajor before their final push to take Earth.


After the Freedom War ended, a collaborative effort between the Galaxy Alliance Ministry of Health and Medicine, Starfleet Science and Starfleet Medical worked to cure and terraform the planet, restoring it back to its lush life-sustaining state. As the colony was repatriated, the first elections of the planet placed then-Minister of Health and Medicine Trent L'vralus into the Governorship of the new colony. Governor L'vralus embarked on an aggressive push to restore the colony to its previous state, presiding over extensive growth throughout much of the planet, the restoration of the planet's agricultural, manufacturing and engineering industries, the creation of a new trade marketplace and the establishment of the southern hemisphere as a resort location by partnering with the galaxy renowned luxury group Ambrosia Incorporated.


After nearly a year of protests on Beerax due to the increasing taxes from the Galaxy Alliance, the Beeraxi Senate introduced a bill in the Galaxy Alliance Senate to legally secede from the Alliance. The bill was passed in 2404.

Sights and Attractions

Northern Hemisphere

Much of the landmass of the Northern Hemisphere is devoted to the capital city Beeraxi and the sprawling industrial centers and agrarian production fields. The planet's primary trade marketplace and spaceport are based in Beeraxi, as is the sector's sole institution of higher learning, the Beerax Institute.
Outside of Beeraxi's city center is the Gnori Valley, home of the planet's expansive mineral mining operation and its operating corporation, the Gnori Valley Corporation. The Gnori Valley is the home of the current First Consul, Yunil Irashavi.

Southern Hemisphere

The two provinces that make up the southern hemisphere are privately owned in their entirety.
Eden Province and the Castle d'Ambrose
The southern-most is the peninsular Eden Province; owned by Ambrosia Incorporated and home to the company's "Royalty," the province serves as a full-service resort destination, with beaches on three sides surrounding a lush green village and crowned with a full-size replica of an ancient Terran Castle.
The Darin Estate
The second is the sprawling estate of the former Galaxy Alliance Minister of State, Lorian Darin.

Eastern Continent

chevwI' tlhoy'
The northeastern section of the planet is a Klingon settlement. chevwI' tlhoy' means "The Territorial Wall," and was named in homage to Beerax being the site of two of the galaxy's most important wars.

A tiny portion of the south east is a Caitian settlement, established after a Borg attack of their homeworld. A few hundred Caitians were rescued by a joint Beeraxi humanitarian fleet and brought to Beerax for treatment. Many of the Caitians decided to remain on the planet.

In Orbit

Kingdom of Eden
The primary civilian docking facility and trade platform of the sector is the Kingdom of Eden. The 'Kingdom' also serves as the headquarters of Ambrosia Incorporated, serves as a second resort destination in the system, and holds the largest independent scientific research and medical treatment center in the sector.
Station Alcatraz
Though not seeing as much action as in its past, Station Alcatraz continues to oversee security in the Beerax Sector. The station is closed to all civilian traffic and is only accessible to members of the Beeraxi Militia or Beeraxi Military.

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