Beerax Signs New Treaty with Tzenkethi

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IC Date: Sat Jan 7 2406

AB-TZENKETH (INW) - The Beeraxi Confederation has announced it reached a historic agreement with the Tzenkethi Coalition, re-affirming open borders, free trade between the two powers, and a mutual defense pact. In a conference conducted aboard the Beeraxi flagship BDS Consulate in orbit of the Tzenkethi capital moon, Beeraxi First Consul Trent L'vralus met today with the elected leaders of the Tzenkethi Coalition, where they created and signed what has been named the Treaty of Ab-Tzenketh.

The Tzenkethi, still reported to be a reasonably xenophobic people despite improvements as a result of the government established by the Galaxy Alliance following the war, affirmed their friendship and trust with the Beeraxi people in the treaty. Beeraxi relations with the Tzenkethi began with a trade agreement established by the Kingdom of Eden, a Beeraxi constituent state, prior to the Galaxy Alliance war with the Tzenkethi. The Eden trade franchise was ruled still valid by the Tzenkethi Trade Minister some years ago, and has since been ruled to extend over all of the Beeraxi Confederation after the Kingdom of Eden became a constituent state. The full open border and free trade provisions in the treaty were a logical extension of the prior agreement. They apply to all vessels with Tzenkethi or Beeraxi registries. Chrysalian, Galaxy Alliance, and other registries are ineligible, even if captained by a Beeraxi or a Tzenkethi.

The free trade agreement also contains a provision for the Reserve Bank of Beerax to operate within Tzenkethi space, legalizing Beeraxi currencies as secondary legal tender in Tzenkethi space. It also provides for up to five outside media licenses, three of which have already been awarded directly in the treaty: Intergalactic Newswire, Planetary News Network, and BeerCom, the leading Beeraxi media company.

The mutual defense pact is perhaps the surprise part of the treaty, though its scope is limited. It calls on either power to assist the other only from acts of terrorism or acts of unprovoked aggression from another power. To a limited extent, the treaty also empowers mutual border enforcement with regard to trespassing vessels.

Beeraxi officials praised the treaty, the few Tzenkethi willing to speak with the media seemed cooly supportive, and officials from the Galaxy Alliance and other major powers have declined to comment.

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