Beerax elects former Alliance Governor to Head of State

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Date: Tue Jun 26 14:40:08 2012 PDT
IC Date: Fri Aug 8 09:00:48 2414
Stardate: 91601.82

BEERAX IX(INW) - In a series of elections earlier this week, the Beerax Confederation elected Provincial Governor Yunil Irishavi to the position of First Consul. Irishavi gains the mantle of Head of State after his predecessor, the former Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Trent L'vralus indicated he would not seek further renomination.

As a Corporate Confederate Sociocracy, Beerax is governed by ten mostly autonomous provinces, nearly all of which are beholden to private corporate interests. The election of the former Alliance Colonial Governor of Beerax to Head of State of the tiny independent nation was seen as all but a foregone conclusion, given the other major players declined to run. With L'vralus' Province of Beeraxi out of the running, and influential Consuls Trex Trasera of the Provinces owned by Ambrosia Incorporated and Lorian Darin from the Darin Province both declining, Irishavi was able to coast to an uncontested victory. Irishavi's Gnori Valley province is geographically the largest on the planet, and controls the majority of the planet's mineral wealth.

In a statement upon assuming office, Irishavi announced there would be no major policy or personnel changes in the short term. Galaxy Alliance pundits note, however, that his history of hostile interactions with the Chancellor and the High Council during the secession debates will win Beerax few friends on Earth.

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