Beerax forms new government led by former-Chancellor L'vralus

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IC Date: Wed Apr 28 2404

BEERAX IX (INW) - In the final day of its constitutional convention, the newly independent government of Beerax IX announced the formation of its permanent government and the elections of its head of state and legislature. Former Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Trent L'vralus, who resigned in controversy citing what he called the Alliance's 'dysfunctional government' has been elected First Consul, the highest office of the newly formed Confederate Provinces of Beerax.

"Today marks the first day of our new beginning, a day where we might realize the dream that is Beerax," First Consul L'vralus said in a statement. "Yet as we move forward as an independent people, we must also remember from whence we came: I extend my hand in friendship to our friends in the Galaxy Alliance, that we might continue our relationship as friends."

The new nation has formed itself into what is calls a "Confederate Corporate Sociocracy," one where the individual Provinces are left mostly to govern themselves, with a central government responsible primarily for trade, diplomatic and defensive duties. The central government's power is seated with the Beeraxi Consulate, a Senate made up of one elected Consul, one Consul appointed by the Governor of each Province and chaired by the First Consul, elected at-large by the population.

Among the notable members of the new legislature are former Galaxy Alliance Minister of State, Lorian Darin, former colonial Governor and Gnori Valley Corp. President Yunil Irashavi and former Beeraxi Envoy Trex Trasera, who each have assumed the governorships of their own Provinces and appointed themselves to the planet's Consulate.

Political Science scholars at the University of Betazed have expressed surprise at the former colony's new governmental structure, which gives a number of corporations virtually unrestrained power on large portions of the planet. The Gnori Valley Corporation and Ambrosia Incorporated, the Confederacy's largest corporations, each own and govern their own provinces and hold large constituencies in the new Consulate.

The Alliance Department of State estimates the new Beeraxi Confederacy to hold a population about roughly 1 Billion people, many of whom emigrated upon the secession of the planet. In addition to the corporate ownership of some provinces, the planet also contains fairly substantial blocs of formerly displaced Terrans, Caitians and Klingons.

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