Beerax reports stolen defense vessel

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Date: Mon Jul 30 16:25:26 2012 PDT
IC Date: Sat Feb 28 18:32:36 2415
Stardate: 92161.93

From Beerax: Authorities from the Beerax Confederacy report the possible theft of one if its civilian defense vessels. The BDS Planeswalker,an Asrai class, warped out of the sector suddenly and without any comms traffic. While it is not unusual for the vessel's owners to use it for transportation, it was highly unusual for the ship to depart without warning. Alcatraz sensors did show a small slipstream type ship decloak and land aboard the Planeswalker about an hour before it departed, but stated that this activity is not abnormal either, as the ship's owner, Lorian Darin owns several small landing craft which come and go to the Planeswalker regularly. Contact with the Darin estate which owns the vessel revealed that the ship's owners were unaware of the departure or who might have been aboard and at this time must consider that the ship may have been stolen, perhaps by a crew member. There has been no contact and no sighting of the ship since it left the Beeraxi system at warp 9 three days ago.

The Beeraxi government is requesting that anyone sighting the Planeswalker contact Station Alcatraz or the Darin Estate with information.

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