Beerax secedes from the Galaxy Alliance

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IC Date: Thu Nov 27 2403

Beerax IX (INW) - In a late-night session of the Galaxy Alliance Senate, the Alliance voted to pass the bill for Beeraxi secession, marking the first time a colony world has left the Alliance.

The vote occurred with little-to-no debate, after a ten-hour debate on election financing. Many in the chamber have loudly condemned the Vice-Chancellor, who forced the vote, though the bill passed the chamber with over 55% of the vote.

Under the terms of the bill, the Galaxy Alliance will now spend the next month handing over government-owned property, with all Alliance governmental units vacating the system by the end of December. Beerax will take ownership of Starfleet Battle-station Alcatraz, and any other Starfleet vessels currently docked there, December 31st. The bill also establishes the borders for Beeraxi space, and requires those who wish to accept Beeraxi citizenship renounce their Alliance citizenship by January 15, 2404.

Celebrations have erupted across Beerax, as the governmental leaders have called for an immediate constitutional convention to establish a new form of government. Delegates from the colony's 9 provinces are meeting in Beeraxi this morning to begin that work.

This is a developing story.

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