Beeraxi Confederation

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Beeraxi Confederacy
The Confederate Provinces of Beerax IX
Official Language: Galactic Standard
Dominant Races (60%): Human
Type: Confederate Sociocracy
Capital: Beerax IX, Beerax Sector
Head of State: First Consul Yunil Irishavi
Legislative Body: Beeraxi Consulate (Senate)
Military Organization: Beeraxi Militia
Org Wizard: Armstrong
Org Royal:

The Confederate Provinces of Beerax IX are based in the Beeraxi Sector, having recently gained independence from the Galaxy Alliance. Individual Provinces in the Confederation largely self-govern, with the Confederate Government mainly responsible for the administration of trade and defense for the sector.


Confederate Government

Confederate administration is managed by the Beeraxi Consulate, a unicameral legislature similar to a Senate. The Consulate is comprised of twenty Consul, one elected from the population of each Province and one appointed by the Governor of each Province. In many cases, the Provincial Governor assumes this position him or herself.

The Consulate is chaired by the First Consul and the Vice Consul, who are elected at-large by the planet's population.

The First Consul appoints Judges, Ambassadors, the Commander of the Beeraxi Militia and the planet's Trade Officer. All appointments are confirmed by the Consulate. There are no other executive departments, each Province provides all other services themselves.

Provincial Governments

There are ten Provinces throughout the Confederacy, nine located on the planet and the Kingdom of Eden, which acts as the planet's trade platform. Each Province governs itself in its own fashion, with some owned by Corporate interests, some as a Klingon colony and others purely democratic.



Government: Beeraxi City Council

The capital city of Beeraxi, and its surrounding suburban landscape, is both the largest and most populous Province on the planet. Beeraxi is a democratically elected Province whose Governor almost always serves as a member of the Consulate. As the capital, it is also the seat of power in the Confederacy, and houses the Consulate Building and foreign embassies.

Duchy d'Ambrose

Governor: Trex Trasera, Duke d'Ambrose

Consul: Trex Trasera (Appointed)

Government: Ambrosia Incorporated-owned and operated.

The Duchy of d'Ambrose is a small peninsula in the southern hemisphere of the planet. The peninsula boasts both lush, green plains and beautiful beaches. As such, Ambrosia Incorporated operates the Province as a resort destination. d'Ambrose houses both a small castle town and a replica of an ancient Terran Castle.

Darin Estate

Governor: Lorian Darin

Consul: Lorian Darin (Appointed)

Government: Darin Household

The smallest Province is owned by the Darin family, and includes an orchard and manor estate.

Gnori Valley

Governor: Governor Yunil Irishavi

Consul: Yunil Irishavi (Appointed)

Government: Gnori Valley Corporation owned and operated.

The Gnori Valley hosts the planet's primary mining operation, where the planet's rich stores of minerals are mined. The Gnori Valley is operated by the Gnori Valley Corporation, with exclusive rights to the mining of the Province's mineral wealth.

Kingdom of Eden

Governor: None (Duke Trasera serves as Regent.)

Consul: Eilonwy Trasera

Government: Ambrosia Incorporated-owned and operated.

The Kingdom of Eden Station serves as the planet's primary trade platform, and is also operated as a resort and vacation destination and the sector's primary docking facility. It is owned and operated by Ambrosia Incorporated, which also owns land on the planet itself.

Beeraxi Militia

The Beeraxi Militia provides the primary defense of the sector. Commanded by the Executor-General of the Militia, they operate a small fleet of defense vessels commanded out of Station Alcatraz.

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