Beeraxi Governor Demands Freedom Amid Starfleet's Abandonment

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IC Date: Fri Sep 12 2403

BEERAX IX (INW) - In a formal statement in the capitol city of Beeraxi today, Governor Irishavi of Beerax again condemned the Alliance High Council for making no movement to recognize the planet's independence.

"Even as former Chancellor L'vralus and current Chancellor Talia have called for the Alliance to recognize the right of citizens to choose their own governmental alliances, we still see nothing but stalling and ineptitude from Earth. They tell us the financial crisis is too difficult to let us leave, yet they make no effort at reforms or cost cutting. They say their Starfleet assets are too important to do without, yet not one Starfleet supply or patrol vessel has come anywhere near Beerax in a year. They tell us it endangers the Alliance as a whole, yet do nothing but tighten their grip around Beeraxi throats. What good is the Alliance giving us, if it tells us we cannot leave while abandoning us in its actions? Enough is enough. Beerax will have what is rightfully ours, or we will die trying!"

The Governor held his press conference beside massive viewscreens depicting the Starfleet Station Alcatraz, the video's time index fast forwarding visibly on the screen to show it all but deserted, save for its twinkling lights. His speech ended to thunderous applause from the hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters still demonstrating in the capitol city.

Since the Senate Committee of the Interior voted to table the bill, calls from high profile Senators, Ambassadors and local officials have sounded for the Senate to take up the measure again. The Senators from Qo'noS and Bajor specifically have condemned their inability to vote on the measure, as it never left committee. Chancellor L'vralus resigned, many believe, amid the controversy surrounding the Senate's vote, even as he urged the Alliance to allow Beerax its freedom.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Interior indicated late today that he would be open to restarting the debate, but is unable to do so in the current legislative session. Under Senate rules, failed bills must wait until the next legislative session to restart. In an inquiry to the Senate President's office, a spokesman stated the Senate "doesn't have the votes to come back from recess," regardless of the outcry from member worlds. The Office of the Galaxy Alliance Chancellor responded simply that it "understands the Beeraxi Governor's position," "cautions against violence," and is "monitoring the situation closely."

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