Beeraxi Governor Resigns

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BEERAXI (INW) - In what is being called an 'unexpected turn of events', the Governor of Beerax IX resigned from his position this evening following a broadcast address to his constituents and the public. At the time of his address, he cited that the government, under his leadership, has failed to adequately provide for the needs of the public.

Pursuant to Beeraxi tradition, the Lieutenant Governor is to be sworn in as leader of the government in the event the Governor resigns. However, Beeraxi law mandates that the chairman who oversees the commission of planetary representatives on Beeraxi to temporarily assume the reigns of leadership until the commission can meet to officially confirm and swear in the Lieutenant Governor as the new leader of the planet.

At this time, the representatives are meeting in a closed-door session. There has been no word, but we will continue to monitor for the latest details on this developing news.

Sat Jun 15 00:25:00 2402 Alliance Standard Time

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