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Jorat Benil
Vital Statistics
Rank Gul Card-o6.png
Title Diplomatic Liaison to DS9, Cardassian Union
Race Cardassian
Gender Male
Affiliation Cardassian Union, (1st Order)


This pale-skinned, quasi-reptilian male stands roughly 6'1" with strong, broad shoulders, as well as a lean, toned mid-section, and long runners' legs. Rising up the sides of his neck are vertical neck-ridges, with a pale green-grey hue decorating the third rung of the ridges, that recede back to the crown of his head, with a tear-shaped ridge in the center of his forehead. Immediately above, a thick ridge surrounds his steel-grey eyes, giving them a deep-set, intellectual appearance. His lips are thin, and appear almost permanently scowled.

Jet-black hair is pulled back into a pony-tail, which has a definite militaristic look about it. He has a rich, deep and powerful baritone voice, full of confidence and strength. There is a definite authority and presence in his vocal tone, and in his facial expressions, which rarely seem to be anything but a stone-faced gaze, or one of extreme disdain. When this Cardassian man does smile, his face does not soften. There is a strong confidence in his smile, and ocular expression, which could be interpreted as being egotistical or prideful.

His uniform of choice appears to be the standard duty uniform of a Madrasad officer. He wears a black and charcoal-grey accented triangular-ribbed cuirass with broad, military shoulders and wide neckline. This outer cuirass appears to be comprised of a rubber-like memory material which sits above a inner mesh-like material which is charcoal-grey and fits snugly against his body and can be seen under the half-sleeves of the upper cuirass and around the midsection and legs.

Inscribed in gold on the upper right section of the cuirass denotes the name: Benil and a silver o[==> to denote the rank of Gul. The legs are clad in charcoal-grey mesh pants, which have been armored slightly at the hips and thighs, held up by a holster belt for a weapon. These pants are tucked into a pair of neatly polihed and thick boots. He is awake and looks alert.


Jorat Benil, born May 18 2369, was the progeny of Commander (formerly Glinn) Sulat Benil, and Lieutenant Commander (Gil) Mora Ghemor. Raised aboard Kopok Nor, with the far-reaching goal of restoring the old, once-proud Cardassian Union, Jorat Benil entered service in the Cardassian military (specifically the Second Order) as a D'ja in 2387, on the eve of his 18th year.

Benil was promoted to the rank of Kara, six months later, after graduating from the Cardassian Military Institute, and assigned as an Ops officer aboard a Galor-class warship. The ship was lost in battle with an Alliance cruiser, the Gul in command choosing to go down with the ship, as he'd lived a long life, and was tiring of it. Jorat, choosing to live on in order to continue the glory of Cardassia, jumped into an escape pod with the remaining crew and returned to Cardassia.

Benil's next assignment was aboard a Hideki-class destroyer, as a Kara in Tactical, figuring a broad knowledge-base would catch the eye of someone above him, and give him the knowledge required of someone in the higher echelons of the Union. The opportunity to test his knowledge soon came when, during a firefight with a particularly snarky Alliance ship, he landed a blow that simultaneously crippled the ship's warp drive and weapons array, and took down the ship's shields long enough for a strike team to beam over and subdue the crew. Jorat personally oversaw their transfer to Cardassian custody for "processing."

Over the next eighteen months, the lowly Kara Benil personally turned in two-hundred high-value targets, impressing the higher-ups enough to warrant his promotion to Glen.

Jorat's next assignment was also his first taste of a command-level position, being named Chief Tactical Officer of the warship Morayn, where he began cultivating his legend (earning one-hundred confirmed kills, and another two-hundred captures, within a four-year period) and proving his tactical prowess.

Freshly-minted Glen Benil's placement aboard the Morayn was not by coincidence: Gul Rutan, the Morayn's commanding officer, had joined the Cardassian military shortly after Jorat's father Sulat Benil, and held the Benil family in high regard. Sulat was known for his cold, calculating tactical ability, as well as fierce loyalty to the Union, qualities he instilled within his son.

Later in the year Glinn Tomar, Rutan's first officer, mysteriously vanished without a trace. Rumor spread throughout the ship that the disappearance was as a result of Tomar's being selected for membership within the Ninth Order, something that Jorat hoped he himself would eventually achieve. Rutan subsequently selected Jorat for the position of First Officer, and awarded him with a promotion to Gil.

In late September of 2392, the Cardassian Union was absorbed into the Galaxy Alliance, and Jorat Benil was given the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Benil served for roughly one year before he was allowed to return home to his beloved Cardassia. His tenure with Starfleet was not a particularly pleasant one, being embedded with individuals he'd been raised to dislike. He could not wrest the reviled Starfleet uniform from his body quickly enough, replacing it with the usual Cardassian Military uniform, upon completion of his term of service, only the thought of analyzing his gained tactical data keeping him sane, and docile.

Once back in his native environment, he spent several months torturing and interrogating various civilians, just for grins. During one such session, in mid-August of 2393, he learned of a plan to bomb the Orias shipyards, where a new series of Keldon-class warships were being built. Using a small fleet of cloaked cruisers, Gil Benil soundly thrashed the Bajoran terrorists responsible, beaming one to a holding cell aboard his ship for later delivery to the Obsidian Order, condemning the rest to die as he destroyed the Bajoran cruiser. For exercising effectiveness in combat, leadership, and cunning, the Cardassian government promoted him to Glinn.

In late May of 2406, Glinn Benil was awarded a brevet promotion to Gul, and issued orders to retrieve one of the Cardassian government's Ambassadors from Bajoran terrorist custody, mere hours after one had been recovered from presumed Circle custody. Countless Bajorans were either caught or terminated with extreme prejudice and efficiency. Having proven himself worthy of the title, the brevet promotion was made official: he was Gul Jorat Benil, of the Cardassian Union.

Madrasad Personnel File

  • Card-o6.png 93023.71 (09 Jan 2416) - Named Diplomatic Liaison of the Cardassian Union. Assumes control of newly-opened embassy on Deep Space Nine.
  • Card-o6.png 92899.43 (25 Nov 2415) - Officially awarded rank of Gul. Given command of KMV Tragor.
  • Card-o6.png 83389.84 (23 May 2406) - Provisionally awarded rank of Gul.
  • Card-o5.png 76970.66 (21 Dec 2399) - Promoted to rank of Glinn.
  • Card-o4.png 70619.98 (15 Aug 2393) - Restored to rank of Gil upon completion of service in Starfleet.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png 69722.11 (21 Sep 2392) - Laterally transferred to Starfleet, Fleet Operations. Rank of Lieutenant Commander.
  • Card-o4.png 66885.73 (20 Nov 2389) - Promoted to Gil.
  • Card-o3.png 66378.88 (19 May 2389) - Promoted to Glen.
  • Card-o2.png 64880.25 (18 Nov 2387) - Promoted to Kara.
  • Card-o1.png 64376.14 (18 May 2387) - Entered service in the Cardassian Military as D'ja in the First Order.
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