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Use the following information to create your character's biography.


Rules & Regulations

  • All characters within the game must have an approved biography to play.
  • All players have ninety (90) days to submit a biography for approval. Characters with no biography after that time will be forced OOC until they complete the biography for submission.
  • Special Note: Players hoping for Starfleet or the Bajoran Navy/Militia, must have pre-approved biographies before playing within those groups.
  • Questions prior to or while writing biographies can be answered on-channel by typing: addcom bh=BioHelp. Capitalization counts! This channel is monitored by staff and players alike, who can help answer your queries.
  • Approved biographies are set in stone. They may never be appended or revised by staff or by you.

Commands (in-game)

  • To edit your character's biography, type: @edit-bio
  • To view your character's biography, type: @bio me
  • To submit your character's biography, type: @submit-bio

NOTE: Once you have used @submit-bio, it is locked from editing until a staffer releases it back to you for revisions.

Words of Wisdom

After submission, one of the admins assigned to your desired org will review the bio and reply back with an approval or disapproval. All disapproved biographies will have notes/comments from staff on how to improve the biography to WNOHGB's standards. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed on the first or second attempt; it is rare for any player biography to be approved without comment. The staff is here to assist you in polishing your character's biography, not prevent you from playing.

Remember that a character biography is here to display what makes up the foundation of your character, not to determine their future. Characters evolve as they play on WNOHGB, so try not to pigeon-hole yourself by presenting absolute circumstances for your character and try to use generic concepts during design.

You can check out examples of approved biographies by using @bio <Player> on other, already-established players. Please refrain from copying biographies, as they will be disapproved for plagiarism and face ostracism from the other players for doing so.

If you find yourself needing assistance, all you need to do is ask (either via BioHelp, or by using @send *Req).

Canon Sources Guide

Please use the following online resources when creating your biography:

  • Use the following Paramount/CBS-produced series/movies as canonical within WNOHGB's Timeline:
    • Star Trek: The Original Series
    • Star Trek: The Animated Series
    • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
    • Star Trek: The Search for Spock
    • Star Trek: The Voyage Home
    • Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Seasons 1-3, "Best of Both Worlds II")
  • DO NOT USE the following sources, as they are considered non-canon events within WNOGHB's Timeline:
    • Star Trek: Enterprise
    • Star Trek: The Final Frontier
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 4 after "Best of Both Worlds II", Seasons 5-7)
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • Star Trek: Generations
    • Star Trek: First Contact
    • Star Trek: Insurrection
    • Star Trek: Voyager
    • Star Trek: Nemesis
    • Star Trek (J.J. Abrahms movie)
    • Any books, magazines, unapproved fanfics, RPG sourcebooks.

Character Information

For all character biographies, we would like to see the minimum information below:

  1. Birth order (Was your character an only child?)
  2. Origin (Where did your character come from?)
  3. Family (Who was mother and father?)
  4. Childhood Events (How did your character grow up?)
  5. Galactic View (How does your character see the universe?)

Special Background Attributes

  • Wealth/Poverty: We can accept certain character backgrounds which may or may not mean your character is extremely wealthy (ie: starts the game out with lots of credits), or extremely poor (ie: starts the game with no money whatsoever). You'll want to tell weave your background into a feasible method of either arriving within the game as wealthy or poor.
  • Addictions: Having your character become addicted to something like alcohol, or holofiction, maybe some sort of narcotic allows you to bring a new dynamic to your character's demeanor
  • Disposition: Arrogance, Racism/Sexism, Honesty/Dishonesty, Honorable/Dishonorable, Bloodlust, Vanity, Bad Temper, Cowardly, Greedy, Intolerance, and Obnoxiousness are /all/ traits toward your character's disposition. Try to pick one or two and place it into your character's galactic view. Perhaps your Bajoran character is racist against all Cardassians due to the occupation of his/her homeworld, or perhaps your Terran character survived a Breen assault on an outer colony and is racist against all Breen. choosing that dynamic will bring feasible conflict to your role-play, and a sense of realism.
  • Phobias: One of the best dynamics, phobias are a 'special' circumstance which can provide for sometimes funny or silly role-play, depending on the situation. Perhaps your character has a phobia of heights and can't look at a starfield without feeling a sense of vertigo. Or perhaps your character has a phobia of the transporter, like Lieutenant Barclay.


  • Biographies on WNOHGB should be no less than 500 words, and there is no upper limit. Biographies that do not meet the minimum length are automatically disapproved.
  • You may use any story-telling format you wish, from fictional prose to a documentary-type narrative, so long as it answers the Character Information section without a doubt. Many players use their creativity in this area and the staff is appreciative of entertaining biographies.

Org-Specific Biography Guides

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