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Merek Black
Character Overview
Rank: Lieutenant
2410 SF O-3.png
Title: Engineering Officer
Status: Active Duty
Race: Terran
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2419 A.D.
Place of Birth: Earth
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet Border Patrol
Starfleet Spacedock
Parents: Mother - Monica Black
Father - Erik Black
Siblings: Sister - Monette Black
Sister - Tanna Black
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
OOC Information
Played By:



Merek M. Black is an Earthborn man, to his parents Monica Black, and Erik Black in the Year 2419. He is the middle-child of two sisters, his older being Monette Black, who would eventually join Starfleet, and serve as his inspiration in life, while his other sister, Tanna Black would become a mechanic. His family is what most would be considered middle-class at the current time, and their heritage seems to trace back to the French, although his family has been on the move for a few generations, as spacers, coming and going, fond of travel, this generation happening to have settled on Sol III.

Merek Black was a child that was a bit intelligent for his age, though that did not mean he was unlike other kids. He was mischievous, but also had a sense of doing what was right, and into his early ages, he became a prospective youth, one that had many options open to him. He was friendly, did well enough in his classes at school, however he often had a grandeur vision of the galaxy, and would even travel with his family on occasion. Never being in one place necessarily for long, this meant that he had a sense of nostalgia, and a longing for home. Perhaps one of the most life-changing events for him, however, was when a pirate vessel attacked the ship his family was on. Though all would have been found to have survived, it left him with an impression that there was much in the stars, that needed correction.

He joined Starfleet Academy when he was of the age for where he was, which was eighteen, and then proceeded to work his way up as a Plebe, and onwards through the various courses and training. Though he met all the requirements for being admitted to the Academy, he did not excel well in physical areas, but he was found to have a well-balanced mental approach to situations, and worked well under duress. He still has a bit of his mischievous streak with him, and he has a fairly open world view. He seems to be welcoming to most races, and he still has a wow factor for the universe and all the things that it holds. He became a Midshipman, and requested to be allowed to tour and serve on a ship himself until his graduation. He hopes to find a place as an Engineer with his knowledge of engineering sciences. However, it has been known that he took Security courses as well, in the case such a need would arise that would require these pursuits, not being his main choice however. While he is open, and kind, he seems to have a temper that is rarely seen, however it seems to be birthed from what happened in his past with the pirates, and while he isn't under the impression that all criminals that exist are the worst in the universe, he does have a dislike that seems quite extensive towards illicit activities that can affect others. Fortunately, this has not led to any conflict or scuffles as of yet. And so, he hopes to make a place for himself in Starfleet, like his sister, serving for a better cause, helping out in the war, and doing what he believes is his part in keeping people safe. He graduated from the Starfleet Academy while serving with La'Vash. He has been through quite a few battles since then, even becoming Deputy Chief of Engineering.


  • Federation Sword - This serrated sword has been made with baakonite and customized, much like a bat'leth would be. However, its uses as well as design seem to reflect a straight katana. It has a design etched upon it, which looks much alike a rose in its patterns. The hilt has been constructed with a special silver metal, the blade of the sword a soft gunmetal black.
  • Starfleet Rifle - This rifle has a smooth, black case upon it, and is the standard for Starfleet Personnel Type-3 Weaponry. It has 32 settings upon it, each one a different Power Yield. The stock on it has been set to the specification of one Officer's specific use, though it can be used by anyone with the training which is needed to use that class of weapon.


  • 2410 SF O-4.png: SOLEYMAINI - A member of the Command Staff for Spacedock. He often seems to have a lot on his mind. Follows rules.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png: R'STA - The Chief Science Officer. I think she has been through a lot of things, but I consider her a great officer as well.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png: JAZGAN - I don't know that much about him. We did work a bit together on another station fighting with the Dominion.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png: ITO - She is a security officer on the station which I serve. She's kind, a bit different than what I had expected really.


  • 2410 SF O-5.png: LA'VASH - My First Captain. I think she is quite different for her species. She seems to know just how to run a ship though.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png: TEMPLE - I don't think that he takes all things to consideration in his position sometimes, but I think that he means well enough.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png: ADRINON - The former Chief Medical Officer of the ship which I served. She can be a little bit different, but she means quite well.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png: VALLAR - My Mentor, in a manner of speaking. He handled some of my training, and we are much more alike than I thought.
  • 2410 SF O-4.png: PRUDOME - I don't know that much about him, but I think he does his job well enough when you can find him about the ship.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png: JEV - Former Commanding Officer. He can be a bit odd sometimes, but you can count on him to care, and see things through.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png: QULCHUH - The resident Klingon Officer. He serves Ops, though he seems to be, like most his species, versed in combat.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png: M'KU - A Junior Lieutenant which I met on the Nereus while there during the Siege of Tenazra. A kind, as well as caring person.



  • 2410 SF E-5.png: M'RASI - My subordinate. A Chief Petty Officer Engineer with SPACEDOCK. She is kind, but also seems to be quite easy to upset also.

RP Hooks

  • Starfleet - He is a member of Starfleet, and admires much of their work as well.
  • Engineering - He is an Engineering Officer in Starfleet, and often can be found doing Research & Development.
  • Old Media - He often likes to collect media which is from the past, from books, to music and also videos.
  • Old Love - He is known to have had a Caitian fiance' which passed away in the war.

Service Record

  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 117996.82: Assigned to USS Equinox NCC-73020 as Midshipman First Class as his six-month tour as an Engineer Cadet within the Starfleet Academy.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 118026.57: Full orders given to him on his assignment as an Engineer aboard USS Equinox NCC-73020. Project to modify a new power supply began.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 118129.02: Was permitted to take leave on Starbase Tenazra to tour with the Engineering Department, and learn a little bit more about Starfleet.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 118130.89: Was assigned to be damage control for Starbase Tenazra, and also fought as well as was hurt in battle at one of the docks during their boarding.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 118193.87: Received the Joint Service Medal of Achievement, Distinguished Midshipman Medal, and Combat Action Ribbon due to defending Starbase Tenazra.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png Stardate 118230.37: Received orders with the crew of Equinox to stand down and report to the USS Sojourner. He was assigned to Engineering with the new ship.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118480.98: Graduated from the Starfleet Academy, and received a new Officer rank as an Ensign. Assigned to the USS Sojourner in full as a crew member.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118530.21: Completed his notes as well as report on a sensor modification upgrade which was used to extend range in a nebula. Sent all data to R&D.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118610.22: Engineer Officer during a Dominion assault upon Temecklia. The USS Sojourner fought well, but it had to come back to Tenazra for repairs.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118627.88: Assigned to project lead on the schematics, required resources, as well as the basic outlines that would be needed for a sensor array design.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118660.89: A Dominion fleet came and boarded Starbase Tenazra. He went with Lt. Commander R'sta to assist in anyway that he was able to do for them.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118690.59: Assisted Starbase Tenazra as an engineer to alter power, and to assist in finding subspace weapons. Was hurt by one of said weapons on base.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118707.72: Received both the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Citation For Conspicuous Gallantry for his actions at the Dominion taken nebula.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118727.65: Ordered to stand down with the USS SOJOURNER crew, and then ordered to receive new assignment aboard the USS ShiKahr NCC-73402.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118773.92: Promoted to lead of computer and electronics sections on board USS ShiKahr NCC-73402 by Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Jev.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png Stardate 118936.25: Received a combat action ribbon for the defense of Starbase Tenazra, and Medal of Valor for putting himself between an Officer and an explosion.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 118936.25: Received review from the Promotion Board, being ranked as a Lieutenant (Junior Grade), which made him a full Officer within Starfleet.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 119323.53: Promoted to the post of Deputy Chief of Engineering on board USS ShiKahr NCC-73402 by Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Jev.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 119415.5: Assisted with repairs while engaged with theb Dominion Fleet around a nebula. M'rasi relieved of duty, due to her being hurt during repairs.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 119725.53: Was awarded with a Combat Action Ribbon and Chancellor's Citation along with all of ShiKahr, and a letter of commendation from La'Vash.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 120188.62: Was awarded with a Combat Action Ribbon for supporting the ShiKahr in his position as Deputy Engineer in battle with the Dominion Fleet.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png Stardate 120696.5: Was awarded with the Space Medal for being in service with La'Vash and her crew for a total of two years within a space position on a ship.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 121193.55: Was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant in service of Starfleet. Continues to serve aboard on the USS ShiKahr with Commander La'Vash.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 121433.56: Transfer complete from the USS ShiKahr to Spacedock. Assigned to be Engineering Officer and to assist with the Base's various requirements.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 121926.80: The USS Mor'Vok was assigned to assist the USS ShiKahr with evacuation and repair of Starbase 621 after the Dominion came. Successful.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 122121.80: An incident with the USS etlh meant that we had to dock with Starbase 621 for repairs as well as checking to make sure all was also safe on it.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 122188.57: Received two of the Combat Action Medals for space battle involving the USS Mor'vok, and also a Meritorious Service Medal for assisting 621.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 122698.21: Took official leave to visit Ferasa on personal business. Is stated to have learned Toro Nai'hi skills while he was away on his main Starfleet file.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png Stardate 122729.5: Was decorated further while a crew member of the Mor'vok, and returned to his assignment as Mor'vok Chief Engineer, and Spacedock Engineer.

Awards & Medals

Medal-of-valor.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png
Meritorious-service-medal-2x.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Combat-action-ribbon-9x.png
Chancellor-unit-citation.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Distinguished-midshipman-medal.png


11. Medal of Valor

15. Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

19. Meritorious Service Medal (**)

20. Space Medal

23. Joint Service Medal of Achievement

27. Combat Action Ribbon (#****)

31. Chancellor's Unit Citation

32. Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon

35. Good Conduct Medal

54. Distinguished Midshipman Medal

Special: Letter Of Commendation (**)

Letters Of Commendation

Letter Of Commendation: Commander La'Vash

Letter Of Commendation: Lieutenant Jev


Engineering Repair Certification

Engineering System Certification

Restricted Line Officer




Log Date Participants
Luck Be A Lady February 12, 2017 Black, Ito, Jev
Building the Thing - Part 2 January 29, 2017 Black, La'Vash, Ito, Jev, qulchuH, Temple
The Computer Programmer January 7, 2017 Black, Jev, Temple
Lending A Hand December 31, 2016 Black, Lachlyn, Senka, Taxo, D'Ahr, Temple, Li
Houdinis December 30, 2016 Black, Danek, Lachlyn, Reid, Senka, Taxo, D'Ahr, Jazgan, Li, Soleymaini, Stark, Waran
Ensign Black December 18, 2016 Black, Jev
Helpful Words? December 1, 2016 Black, La'Vash
Problems Upon Problems November 20, 2016 Black, La'Vash, qulchuH, Jev, Vallar, Adrinon, R'sta

Medical Profile

PTSD: Black has PTSD from battle with the Dominion Troops on Tenazra, in addition to other battles with them.
Insomnia: Black has a standard case of insomnia from lack of regular sleep and from over working his duties.
Denial: Black has denial related to his fiance'. It manifests with him believing her to be alive at times.

All medical profiles have been sealed for his Command or authorized Medical Officers.

Status: Cleared for active duty with on-going treatment.

Starfleet Intelligence

  • 2410 SF M-1 SVC.png First Year: He was admitted to the Starfleet Academy at age eighteen, personal reasons listed as his at the time girlfriend's enlistment into the military when she was the same age and his sister being a current Officer. He excelled with the entry exams, and was admitted to his division of choice, as an Engineer Cadet.
  • 2410 SF M-2 SVC.png Second Year: He is known to have had a fiance' who was Enlisted into Starfleet. She was a Caitian, who had aspirations to be with Starfleet Intelligence. Sealed records indicate that he never really was as well grounded after that, but word is that he did his best to overcome it, and was found to be mentally sound after the fact.
  • 2410 SF M-3 SVC.png Third Year: He manages to excel in his chosen field, managing to average an IQ in the 150s through various tests. While not by any means the smartest man to come from the Starfleet Academy, in his field he was considered to be something of a savant, and also seconded into a few Security training courses as well.
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png 118193.23: While awards were being handed to those that participated in the defense of Starbase Tenazra, he was known to have had a form of possible PTSD, however he made a somewhat fast recovery, at least on the papers. He went on to be found mentally sound for active duty by Chief Medical Officer Adrinon, USS SOJOURNER.
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