Blinded by Anger (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
11 Feb 2013

A circular doorway of Bajoran design welcomes visitors to the Bajoran Temple. From the doorway, one can see in the dark entryway, illuminated by the large glowing symbols of the Bajoran faith. Through the door on the left lies the sanctuary.

The door leading to Temple Sanctuary slides closed.

Sarish steps into the Temple Entryway from the main sanctuary. As the ornate doors close behind him, he allows his eyes a moment to adjust to the new level of lighting.

Kame is stading in the entryway, deep in thought, staring at the sanctuary doors.

The Ranjen smiles warmly, peacefully, and inclines his head a bit in the direction of his fellow Bajoran. "Good day, officer," is voice matches his fairly youthful appearance, but is kind and friendly.

Kame is startled out of her thought and turns to the voice, "Oh. I'm sorry." She moves out of the way "I don't want to be in your way." Her hands are clasped behind her back.

Sarish does not move from his position to move past the woman, yet. "There is nothing to be sorry for," he says, smile as enduring as ever. "You've as much a right to stand in that spot as I do." He studies her for a tick and extends a hand, palm up. "I am Sarish Anjar. I am still somewhat new to the station. I don't believe we've met yet."

Kame finally offers one of her soft smiles and says, "I'm Kame Alhe. It is an honor to meet you." She offers her own hand and then says, "It has been a while since I've been here probably too long. I was just assigned her. I ..." she glances at the doors, "I was going in to try to get my thoughts together before I reported in."

"You have come to the right place," Sarish states, his tone carrying the sort of gravitas that one might expect from someone wise beyond his years. "Do not be afraid of the temple, and do not regret abstaining. It is only a place. The Prophets will smile on you wherever you go."

Kame looks a bit relieved, "Thank you. In my mind I know that but sometimes my heart and my mind don't communicate very well."

Sarish steps aside of the door leading inward, to allow Kame Alhe to pass through should be ready. "May I accompany you? I have thoughts that could use collecting as well. Perhaps together we can find what we are searching for." Kame nods and smiles, "I would like that. It has been a while since I've been in the temple. It will be good to have someone go in with me."

Sarish bows his head respectfully and waits to follow her through the doors.

The door leading to Temple Sanctuary slides open.

Kame leaves for Temple Sanctuary - Bajoran Temple.

Sarish leaves for Temple Sanctuary - Bajoran Temple.

Temple Sanctuary - Bajoran Temple Deep Space 9

Candles and low lighting shine keep the shrine lit here. A pathway, lined with wall sculptures and red carpetting lead up to the shrine at the end, for worshipers to pray and seek guidance from the Prophets.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Kame stands inside the door for a moment, adjusting to the lighting, the feelings and the atmosphere that accompanies a room such as this. Taking a deep breath she moves a bench and sits down slowly.

Sarish moves into the room as well, slowly, and his robes hovering a fraction of inch above the ground as his steady gait brings him to the bench. He sits next to Kame Alhe but at a respectable enough distance. The perfect distance, really. They are the only ones in the Temple at the moment and the sound here is of wicks sizzling against wax and otherwise complete silence. He takes a breath and whispers a prayer in Bajoran, a standard prayer that asks for guidance and light to illuminate the path he should take. Then he is silent.

Kame sits and stares at the candles, offering her own prayer, in her native tongue. She asks softly, "Have you ever felt that you have let the Prophets down so much that you can't seem to feel them with you any longer?"

Sarish is silent for a moment. He does not look over toward the woman or make any judgement. "Sometimes," he says softly, "I have been sure that my actions have been against what they would have for me, but the path they have for us is not always illuminated and it is certainly not always in a straight, predictable line." He takes a deep breath, exhaling out again. "It is never too late to find your path. It is closer than you think."

Kame sighs and nods slowly, "That is the problem, I stepped away from the path that I thought I as to be on, the same one my parents were positive that I was supposed to be on. Now I'm trying to find that path again or the path I'm supposed to be on and it is proving difficult and elusive at times."

"Alhe," Sarish says her name as a punctuation point. "What your parents wanted for you is noble, but their path is not your path. Finding your path is something that only you can do and sometimes it takes time and patience. A lot of patience."

Kame laughs, "I've been patient since I was 6. I think that coming back here is getting back on that path, but to be honest I'm scared." "I believe you know, deep inside of you, where your path is. You must block out all other noises and listen to your pagh. You pagh will naturally gravitate toward the Prophets. Let it be your guide.

You say, "I believe you know, deep inside of you, where your path is. You must block out all other noises and listen to your pagh. You pagh will naturally gravitate toward the Prophets. Let it be your guide." Kame nods and mutters, "Easier said than done. The more I think about it the more I think it is myself I've let down more than The Prophets."

"You must block out the noise of self-doubt, criticism, fear, anger," Sarish replies softly. "If you do that, you will find the Way."

Kame thinks for a minute and then nods as if she has just realized something, "Anger. That is what it is. Anger."

"Anger blinds our pagh. Our pagh is unable to find its way toward the Prophets when anger is present," Sarish replies.

Kame smiles and says, "Now that I know what is blinding me, I know what I need to do. It has been staring me in the face for years and I never dealt with it. Now is the time."

You say, "I believe you have found your path, Kame Alhe."

Kame chuckles and nods, "It seems that I have. Thank you. I don't think I would have walked through those doors if you hadn't been here." She raises an eyebrow slightly and teases lightly, "Did the Prophets send you to me today?"

Sarish smiles. "I would believe that there is a reason that our paths crossed today, indeed."

Kame nods, "Grammy always told me there were no coincidences in life."

"Your grammy is a wise woman. She has clearly listened well to her Prylar," Sarish laughs softly and stands up. "Kame Alhe, I am very happy to have run into you today. I want to hear your progress on this situation and I am always here, should you need an ear or a shoulder to lean on."

Kame stands as well, adjusting her uniform, "Thank you. I will be sure to seek you out when I need it. I know that I will need a shoulder or an ear."

"I may not always be around," Sarish says, "I have spent a lot of time commuting between Bajor and DS9. I have never been in space before coming here and I find myself missing the gardens of the Shrine quite a bit more than I expected. Send me a message, though, and I will come."

Kame smiles, "I will do that. I hope that when you are on the station again we can have a cup of tea. I do apprecaite you taking the time to talk to me today."

You say, "And I appreciate you coming in and helping me sort through my thoughts. It helps more than you would realize." Kame frowns a little, "I helped you? I don't know how but I'm glad I was able to help."

Sarish nods adamantly, "Oh, you most certainly did. Sometimes I don't understand my own situation until I can see it through someone else's eyes. Thank you, again. I look forward to that tea next time."

Kame bows her head slightly and says, "I look forward to it. Thank you again. Now I need to go and find the CO or XO here and report in and see what they have for me."

Sarish bows his head to Kame.

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