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Race: Orion
Name: Devna "Bliss" Vrax
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Independent

Name: Devna "Bliss" Vrax
Birthdate: June 5th, 2393
Birthplace: Deep Space Nine
Education: B.S. Chemistry - Kem'alta Institute, Trill
Occupation: Escort/Companion
Residence: CCV Rapture

Devna Vrax was the one and only daughter of Ganik and Leata Vrax. Her parents had originally came from Rigel VII where they were born and raised to settle in on the newly constructed station of Deep Space Nine. Little is known about Devna's parents, but there was always assumed that at least her father had been involved in the Orion Syndicate during some period of his life.

Her father worked as civilian contractor to the corps of engineers and had assisted in the construction DS9 in 2390, and soon after it's completion her mother joined him to settle on the station and make it their home. Prior to Devna's birth, her mother worked as a Dabo girl in Morn's, and afterwards spent several years being a "stay at home mom" until eventually returning to Morn's to work as a Dabo girl during her prime and eventually continue to work as a waitress at the same establishment.

Devna spent her entire childhood on the station and particularly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the promenade. She spent a great deal of time chatting with the various merchants and Dabo girls as well as getting to know the various Starfleet officers. She found that she had a particular love of the science labs as well. The Starfleet science officers were generally more than happy to appease the young girl's interest in science.

As Devna blossomed into a teenager, she found that she got attention. Lots of it. She'd never really spent much time around other Orions and wasn't really aware of the biological allure of the Orion female. This is when it all went downhill. She'd received her honorific name of "Bliss" from a Ferengi merchant who had particularly enjoyed spending time with the girl. He lavished attention upon her and it was then she learned that money can buy happiness.

When it was time to go her own way, Bliss applied to the Kem'alta Institute on Trill and completed a Bachelor's of Science in chemistry in the hopes of using that brain of hers to make money. She did exceptionally well at the Institute, however, it was here that she had also learned again that her looks get her much further than her brains.

She graduated the Institute with honours but returned to Deep Space Nine to find a career that makes money easily. She started her own business, doing escort and companionship work with the merchants, starfleet officers, and visitors on the station. Eventually she raised enough money to purchase her home, the CCV Rapture and take her business on the road for more profit.

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