Bodan Rez

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Bodan Rez
Bodan Rez.png
Title Mayor, Jalanda City
Affiliation Bajoran Government
Personal Profile
Race Bajoran
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde/Grey
Eye Color Hazel
Birth Records
Birthdate 7/14/2365
Birthplace Jalanda City, Bajor
Father Bodan (nee Gae) Anos
Mother Bodan Itala

Varis Jolan is currently in the running as a candidate for First Minister of Bajor, below is information regarding her political platform and public information.

Question #1
Do you feel the recent attacks and threats against Bajor are a source of domestic or foreign threat?

  • Why should we limit our scope of investigation to one or the other? It's simply naive to ignore the power conflicts that exist within the B'hava'el system, both foreign and domestic. We as a independent nation have prospered and grown since our sucession from the Galaxy Alliance, yet this does not mean we have fought off all of our enemies nor have we rooted out all of our internal strife.

Question #2
Many Bajoran citizens feel the trade and political treaties with the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar should be renegotiated. Some political pundits on Bajor feel the Shiar is simply using the Republic and the alliance has only served to distance ourselves diplomatically from more loyal and genuine allies. If elected, do you intend on reevaluating any foreign diplomatic agreements? Can we trust the friendship of the Shiar?

  • It's been outside influence like the Shiar and the Cardassian Union that has brought so much strife to our people. Even the influence of Starfleet aboard Deep Space Nine has done very little to benefit us as a society. We've spread ourselves too thin diplomatically and it's long past time that we reign that in. We need to look to the Beeraxi Banking Crisis, the Galaxy Alliance's handling of the Celestial Temple, Cardassian threats, and the Shiar's manipulation as lessons! Many citizens have been harmed by the consequences of these alliances that are only hindering our growth and development.

Question #3
If elected First Minister of the Democratic Republic of Bajor, what would be the first issue you wish to put attention towards?

  • We need to clean up the government! The provisional government put in place after the succession is flawed and is in great need of reform. There has been little room for progress and growth in this administration, we have allowed the old ways of the religious sector hinder scientific and economic progress. I believe that the ways of the Prophets are a needed guidance for our spirits and moral fibers. The religion of the Bajora has been the salvation of our society and kept us strong through many hard times. This doesn't mean we should allow the religious sector to have such strong influence over our diplomatic, economic, and military decisions of state. The influence of religion on state is only one part, we have several other assets that aren't of proper administration. It has always been my opinion that we should never have entered into a second agreement over the joint management of Deep Space Nine. It's long since been time to cut the Starfleet umbilical cord and start taking care of ourselves.

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