Breaking News: Bajor to seceed!

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IC Date: Wed Apr 27 2405

PARIS, EARTH (INW) -- In a final vote recorded just moments ago, the Bajoran bill of secession has been passed by the Alliance High Council after many days of intense negotiating between the Alliance and the Bajoran council delegation. Reports indicate the High Council became amenable to the provisions of the secession bill when the Bajoran delegation changed their approach after consulting with the newly instated First Minister of Bajor, Lishan Noryl.

Effective May 1, 2405, Bajor will be recognized as an independent government, the Democratic Republic of Bajor, with Lishan Noryl serving as Head of State in his capacity as First Minister. However, Bajor will not completely sever their relationship with the Galaxy Alliance as per their original proposal. Instead, the Democratic Republic of Bajor will begin their independence as a protectorate of the Alliance for a period of ten years.

The details of the agreement between the Galaxy Alliance and Bajor are forthcoming for a press release slated for later in the morning.

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