Breaking News: Incident at Risa!

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Date: Thu May 14 08:02:14 2009
IC Date: Mon Nov 20 16:13:24 2395
Stardate: 72887.69

RISA, EPSILON CETI SECTOR (INW) - Starfleet is reporting a series of Quantum Fractures localized to a 50 klik radius around the planet Risa in the Epsilon Ceti system. Starfleet has dispatched a number of vessels, including the Entropy, Indefatigable, Tarawa, and Sutherland to picket the system and turn away all civilian traffic approaching the sector. Already, at least one Starfleet ship and one civilian ship have fallen prey to these fractures, which have reportedly allowed ships to enter a Slipstream-like corridor that will send them an unknown distance away from the sector in a random direction. INW will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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