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Roleplay Log
25 July 2017
Operations [Starbase 621]
<< Yellow Alert >>
A large hexagon shaped room, split levels much like the wide steps of some ancient pyramid work their way up over the sunken corridor access point to top in a Command level with stairs climbing up forward and aft. Each step features lines of consoles and displays allowing cramped workspace for every necessary department. The massive view screens that dominate every wall are typically used for various status displays. However they can all be linked to provide a full 360 degree exterior view making this room almost seem like its sitting out in empty space.

Reid is at one of the consoles and he seems to recall something and informs La'Vash, "Commander R'sta was able to track down a couple of elements distinct to the device that was used to sabotage the station. We're hoping we can use that information to eliminate any possibiity of other devices still here. It might be possible to inact some sort of protocol on incoming cargo as well." La'Vash is at another console, though she seems only to be browsing through some information on the display, perhaps library information. "That could certainly be helpful," she replies distractedly, dark yellow eyes fixed on the small screen.

Jev is standing there. He is somewhat intrigued by the device discussion. "That's...pretty impressive actually. It was blown to bits. What did she find out?"

Reid turns to see Jev and gives the young engineer a smile. "Some sort of chemical analysis I think, out of my baliwick. But, she was able to determine two elements in the composition of the device that are unique enough that we wouldn't normally detect them on a Alliance built station. But the quantities will be so low, a standard sensor sweep won't do it, need to use tricorders and be within range. So still a downside."

"Still need security teams to do all the footwork then," La'Vash says as distracted as before. After a moment though, she seems to realize that she's heard another familiar voice and she looks over to see Jev.

"If I had some foresight at the time, I would've had them analyze how it was wired in so we might be able to detect it symptomatically rather than dead-on." Jev shrugs. "Oh well. Missed opportunities." He gives a little finger flutter wave to Vash when she spots him.

Reid nods, "Assuming any other devices are already connected, or connected to something that is also connected. But still, hindsight." He looks over at Vash, "Something interesting, or troubling over there?"

La'Vash gives Jev a nod, then back at her display. "I'm reviewing information on polaron radiation," she answers. "Our recent assignment it has attempted to peak my interest." She clears the screen and logs out of the library database. "Unfortunately, it's all too complicated for me."

Jev also shrugs. "Not much to understand directly. There's no such thing as 'a polaron'. It's just an easy descriptive to explain the interaction of ionic particles used in their weaponry."

Reid smiles, "Sounds like you have an expert there, Captain." A grin to Vash. "I was never fond of how their weapons handled though, much prefer the Starfleet design, but its also what I trained on."

La'Vash reaches down and touches the phaser at her side. "This it is already more than I prefer to carry, much less use," she puts in.

"Once we access the arms locker we acquired, I think we'll be able to get a better understanding of their weapons." Jev suggests. "Learning how they build weaponry will teach us a lot about their weak...." he suddenly zones out, lost in thought.

Reid says, "There should be some of their rifles on the Mor'vok..." he hmms to himself. "I have certainly used one. Spoils of war, literally I guess." He nods to La'Vash, "Hand phasers are certainly useful, and reliable."

"I know Commander Mathews he has... or had... one of their rifles," says the Selay. "He took it from a civilian who took it from a Jem'Hadar during the evacuation of Tenazra. I don't know where it ended up."

Jev sputters, "Sir? May I take one from the Mov'rok? For study? I think...uhm. It'll.... Anyway. Can I?"

Reid nods, "Its not docked to the station at the moment. But next chance I get I will retrieve one for you for study."

La'Vash has seen that look on Jev's face before. He's up to something. She's also learned that it's pointless to ask what though, at least until he starts making references to it again. She decides not to ask him. Instead she says, "We received a visual comms request aboard ShiKahr the other day from USS Little. It was canceled before we could answer it. Do you know what that may have been about, commander Reid?"

Reid shakes his head at La'Vash, "I've only recently gotten back into events. Other matters have had my attention of late. But", he checks something on his padd, "Lieutenant Black has the Little signed out. I can inquire of him if there was something specific, or just a miscommunication. Was it just a solo event?"

Reid nods, "You may be correct." He glances at Jev who still seems lost in his thought. Maybe giving him a weapon isn't the best of ideas.

"Do you know what the basic foundational truth about weapons design is, sir?" Jev asks no one in particular, continuing his earlier line of thought as if it were just moments ago.

Reid realizes the time and quickly replies to Jev, "I'd like to think I'm somewhat of an expert on weapons design, but I've not heard of a foundational truth?" He shakes his head with a gentle no. "But, if you both will excuse me. I have some other matters to attend to."

This interests Vash though and she leans against the console and crosses her arms over her narrow chest. "What's that?" she asks Jev.

Jev continues, "It's that the weapon must be effective against things you know about." Dramatic pause, "And of course the first thing you know about is yourself." A beat, "The same principle applies to detection and defense. The intel, from the battlecruiser, its sensor construction and design should show us how to find Changlings - and polaron rays should kill them."

La'Vash considers this. "It seems reasonable," she replies.

"Yeah." Jev shrugs. "I'm sure Ken is working on it."

La'Vash says, "It also sounds somewhat philosophical."

Jev nods, "Yeah. I'm a pretty deep dude like that if you get to know me."

"Deep dude?" the Selay asks, apparently not understanding the phrase.

"Yeah, you know? Philosophical. I got whole life philosophies and shit. Really intense stuff." Jev replies.

"I see," La'Vash says. "As in, deep thought."

Jev says, "Yes."

La'Vash says, "And.. dude?"

"Yes. And I'm a dude." Jev confirms.

"What is a dude?" la'Vash asks.

Jev stares at La'Vash, a bit uncertain of what's being asked. "Me. I'm a dude."

La'Vash stares back for a moment, then turns back to the console and reactivates the library database.

Jev investigates how this console acquired streaks across its touch screen.

La'Vash does some reading, then looks over at Jev doubtfully. "You are a... cow-boy?" she asks, testing out the unfamiliar word as she says it.

Jev looks up at Vash, "Sorry, a what?"

La'Vash gestures to the display screen on her console. "Earth's 19th century," she explains. "A dude... a wrangler... a cowboy."

Jev leans over and squints to see the display, "Huh..." he reads. "No. I can't say that I am."

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