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Consoles are the objects by which one controls a ship or station. They consist of a great many of commands and are vital to the operation of any space object.

Standard Consoles

man <console> -- Mans console. This lets you use the commands accessible through this console.
unman <console> -- Unmans the console.
unman/all -- Unmans all consoles that you are manning.
lock <console> -- Locks the console.
unlock <console> -- Unlocks the console.
lock/all -- Locks all consoles on the space object.
unlock/all -- Unlocks all consoles on the space object.

Service Consoles

Service consoles provide various ship-related services to any docked or landed vessel. You must man a service console to use it.

Service consoles will provide users with the option of using money in the target ship's purse if the user has computer access to the target vessel. The user may also pay with their personal money wallet.

Service Commands

services -- List available services and their cost per unit. (Also visible by looking at the console.)
refuel <ship>:<antimatter/deuterium/both>=<amount/fill> -- Purchase fuel for indicated ship.

Service Management Commands

*setprice <service> [<amount/market/disable>] -- Enable/disable and set price of a service.
status -- List money currently in the service console.
withdraw <amount> -- Withdraw money earned by the service console.
purselink <on/off> -- Links the service console to the local ship's purse, depositing incoming money there (useful on stations).

* Market option only available at locations with local markets. Price set to market selling price for commodity of same type (only applies to fuel services) and is updated as market prices fluctuate. If the fuel being sold at market price is not actively traded at the local market, base price +5% will be charged for fuel.


Viewscreens are used for audio and visual communications (both simultaneously, usually).

visual <viewscreen> to <ship> -- Signals <ship> for visual communications.
contact <viewscreen> to <person> -- Prompts <person> for communication via their Commplant.
accept/refuse <viewscreen> -- Accepts/refuses a hail from another ship. If there is more than one hail, it gives a list to pick from.
cancel <viewscreen> -- Cancels the request for communication. If there are more than one requests sent out, it gives a list to choose from.
close <viewscreen> -- Closes an already established communication. If there are more than one signals active, it gives a list to choose from.
patch <viewscreen> to <room> -- Patches a signal not accepted yet to another viewscreen to the first viewscreen found in <room>.
internal <viewscreen> to <room> -- Signals for internal communication between <viewscreen> and the first viewscreen in <room>.
signals on <viewscreen> -- Gives a list of active, incoming, and outgoing signals on <viewscreen>.
blank <viewscreen> -- Cuts visual on the viewscreen (only thing that goes through is 'say').
mute <viewscreen> -- Mutes the audio on <viewscreen>. Everything but 'say' goes through.

NOTE: Be careful. If you /emote/ saying something while the viewscreen is muted, it will still go through. The MOO doesn't realize your char is saying something inside the emote. If you want the other side not to hear what you're saying, use 'say'.

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