Campaign Season (Finally) Begins!

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IC Date: Thu Oct 16 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - Midnight last night heralded the end of the open filing period for those wishing to run for Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance. When the dust settled, the Alliance Elections Commission announced a total of 357 valid applications. A highly compressed campaign season will now commence, with elections expected to take place just prior to the new year.

Political pundits have dismissed the seriousness of most of the candidates, with at least three hundred of them known only in their local systems or industries. Insiders across the political spectrum seem to agree that the race will almost entirely focus on Galaxy Alliance Senator M'rus of [[Ferasa] and the Alliance Minister of Defense, cho'Sheq of Qo'noS.

Senator M'rus is a well-known face in Paris and across the Alliance. He is considered to be a gifted diplomat, having spent many years in the Chrysalian and Rihannsu Missions of the Alliance's Diplomatic Service. The Senator was initially appointed to his position in 2396, after his predecessor passed away from natural causes, and has since been reelected by overwhelming majorities. He has since risen through the ranks swiftly, sitting on many of the most powerful committees in the Senate. He is expected to gain much of the support of the former Federation-bloc worlds.

Minister cho'Sheq is a former Klingon Defense Force General and head of her household, originally appointed to the Ministry of Defense as a member of the consolidation team by Chancellor K'mpec in the beginnings of the Borg War. Known as a gifted strategist, General cho'Sheq has served in various capacities throughout the Ministry during all of the Alliance's wars, before accepting the appointment as Minister under Chancellor L'vralus. She is expected to gain much of the support from the Klingon worlds, as well as the more pro-defense constituencies.

The elections are planned for December 20th.

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