Capitol Blog: Chancellor 'will defend assets' in Bajoran Secession Comment

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IC Date: Sun Apr 10 2405

In a comment today as Chancellor cho'Sheq moved between meetings, the Klingon Leader of the Galaxy Alliance harshly condemned the Bajoran Secession Bill, saying that the Alliance "will defend its strategic assets from all assailants, inside or out." When pushed to clarify, the Chancellor threatened physical harm to this reporter.

Chancellor cho'Sheq is well-known for making statements that are, perhaps, the least diplomatically sensitive. Her office has indicated that cho'Sheq is vehemently against Bajoran secession, but will abide by the High Council's ruling. Political insiders I've spoken with, however, seem to think the Chancellor's power has been significantly reduced since L'vralus' 'abdication', and that if she is unable to convince the majority of the High Council to prevent it, there will be little stopping Bajoran secession.

There is also a growing sense of anger in the Capitol that the member worlds still lack any real sense of power, and that no real change to fix this has been made by cho'Sheq in her year in office so far. Caitian Senator M'rus, the Chancellor's opponent in the last cycle, even went as far as to say that it was understandable that member worlds would be looking to leave to form a more perfect union. The Senator predicted more worlds would begin looking toward secession if cho'Sheq didn't make changes quickly, but insisted that Ferasa was currently satisfied with its membership in the Alliance.

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