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Cardassians are humanoid bipeds from a very warlike planet. Cardassia Prime is the homeworld of the Cardassian Union. It is a planet now very poor in natural resources. Starving Cardassians put the military in power in order to eat. Cardassia has a very rich cultural heritage, but one that has virtually been raped by the military in order to provide funds for conquest and expansion. Most of the older cities on Cardassia are still in existence, and although in a severe state of disrepair, are still considered to be some of the most remarkable anywhere.

Cardassians have a limited exoskeleton, most notably evident on their faces. It gives them damage resistance, and also makes them slightly harder to kill than other races.

An uneasy truce exists between the Cardassian Union and the Federation, which was finally reached in 2366. Both sides have violated this truce, in principle at least, but war has yet to be declared by either side since the truce.

The military training provided by Cardassians to their soldiers provides a slight increase in strength, dexterity, and health. This training also provides their military with combat reflexes and other advantages. These skills and advantages are all learned at a very early age. The training also produces a bond between Cardassians and the government, and also manages to convince them Cardassians are better than anyone else. This makes them tend to be belligerent.

Cardassia Prime has a higher general ambient temperature than Earth, which gives Cardassians a tolerance to heat. The race has also developed night vision. They are generally uncomfortable if the ambient temperature is cooler than they are used to, or if lighting is bright, and especially both. Their sun produces less light but more heat than Earth's.

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