Cardassian Ambassador Kidnapped on DS9, Rescued on Bajor

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IC Date: Mon Jan 9 2406

Bajor (INW) - An anonymous source on Starfleet's Deep Space Nine outpost has told INW that the Alliance for Global Unity, a Bajoran Terrorist group sometimes referred to as "The Circle" kidnapped the Cardassian Ambassador to Bajor and this may have set off the recent tensions within the sector.

The kidnapping occurred at Deep Space Nine, which has been under seige from terrorist attacks several times in the last two months, the unnamed Starfleet crewman confirmed for INW.

The Cardassian Ambassador, Drakkot Sarat, is now reported to be recovering on the station after being rescued by the Bajoran Militia on Bajor. The extent of Sarat's injuries have not been released and Bajoran officials are not releasing any details about the rescue mission, citing operational security.

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