Cardassian Union

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Cardassian Union
Official Language: Khardasi
Race(s): Cardassian
Type: Councillatory Oligarchy
Capital: Cardassia, Cardassia Sector
Head of State: Detapa Chairman
Legislative Body: Detapa Council
Military Organization: Madrasad (Central Command)
Org Wizard: Armstrong
Org Royal:


The Cardassian Union was the result of pressure from other Galaxy Alliance entities urging the former Cardassian Empire to join in the fight against the Borg threat. In 2366, the Cardassian Empire became part of the Galaxy Alliance and Starbase 396 was established at Kopok Nor.

In the aftermath of the Borg defeat, the Cardassians maintained the facade of a peaceful member of the Alliance, but the Obsidian Order had its own agenda. Plotting secretly, the Order had managed to maintain a significant military presence on the far side of Chrysalian space. In 2377 during a surprise strike, the hidden fleet massed on the Cardassian system and took over Starbase 396 along with its full complement of Starfleet personnel. The hostages were later released and Starfleet ordered an interdiction of the Cardassian System and the surrounding space they claimed.

Neither the Galaxy Alliance nor Starfleet has recognized the Cardassian Union as anything more than an inconvenience, despite several tense encounters between the Cardassian Fleet and the Starfleet inderdiction vessels. More recently, the CU has been refitting the majority of its fleet, possibly intending to force a recognition of its claimed sovereignty.

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