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Cassian Aquilian
Affiliation: Locke Security and Shipping
Title: Investor
Race: Terran
Age:31 Earth standard years
Gender: Male
Marital Status : Single

A young man stands here, cresting just as a rangy six feet tall. He is built lean, long of limb and short on any sort of fatty padding. Skin is tinted a light tan due to time spent out in the sun. His hair is brown hair is lightened by sunlight and shorn tapered to the sides of his head. The rest of his hair is somewhat messily swept forward then up in front. Hands are roughened and calloused, most likely from being deep in maitenance access points and the occasional plasma burn. His expression ranges from unconcerned and lax to furrow-browed scrunity usually directed at a Padd or dart board. His jawline is is muddled by a dusting of stubble ranging from cheek to chin. Eyes are a dark hazel, tending towards green instead of brown.



  • Trill Academy of Engineering, Prominent Graduate.
  • SS Wayward Son, Diagnostic Technician
  • SS Wayward Son, Business Liaision
  • SS Lady Luck, Elected Captain
  • Itinerant Lounge Singer.
  • CCV Duchess, Chief Engineer
  • CCV Errant Dreams, Chief Engineer

Roleplay Hooks

Known to have consorted with a variety of seedy individuals in his initial career as a freighter captain. Smugglers, mercenaries and the sort.


Death of a Bachelor - Panic At The Disco

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