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Sasha Catriani-Kainon
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor
Ambrosia Incorporated
Occupation: Surgeon, and Ambassador for The Ambrosia Corporation on DS9
Status: Married to Rear Admiral Kainon Essa
Race: Trill
Gender: Female

The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: Marchioness
Style: Lady
Title: Staff Physician and Surgeon
Function: Staff Physician, Ambrosia Inc.
Head Surgeon, Scientia Division

The Lady Sasha Catriani-Kainon is a Medical Doctor and Chief Surgeon with the Kingdom of Eden. She is married to Rear Admiral Kainon Essa of the Bajoran Defense Force Navy, and divides her time living on DS9, or on her ship the CCV Skidbladnir, with her husband, adopted son R'ull, and son Kainon Jiral Aaron where she is overseeing the expansion of the offices of Ambrosia Incorporated, of which she is the representative.


Sasha Catriani had a happy childhood. Her family was close knit although her father was away a lot of the time, working aboard various Starfleet ships.

2378 - During a hiking trip to admire the Tenaran Ice Cliffs, on Trill, with their Mother, (their father had been unable to join them because of being on a tour of duty on the other side of the galaxy). Sasha's mother had wanted to "get away from it all" and had unwisely chosen to leave all forms of communication behind. Aaron Catriani became ill with symptoms that resembled meningitis, and after four days of fever, slipped into a coma, and died. It was an illness that could so easily have been cured had they been nearer civilisation. It was a horrific time and it was only when a passing hiker, luckily equipped with a communicator called for help, that they were able to get home. Sasha was three years older than her brother. They had been inseparable and consequently she was distraught. She threw herself into her school studies and became determined to become as good a Doctor as her Father so that she might never feel so helpless in such a situation ever again.

2385 - Enrolled in University of Trill medical program, with emphasis on transplanting Trill symbionts into hosts, alongside general surgery and Medicine. She was quickly recognised as a very talented surgeon, very driven and hard working, rising quickly to the top ten percent of her cohort. She branched into Neurology, pioneering techniques using sonic tools, as well as laser equipment, because of her belief that wounds healed more effectively in certain circumstances, leaving a more successful operation. Also as a result of her brother's death she studied Epidemiology, to better understand the spread and control of disease.

2389 - Accepted position working for the Trill Symbiosis Commission where she exhibited extremely efficient and successful surgical skills. She pioneered various techniques which smoothed a transplant operation and made it quicker and more efficient. Missing her brother still, she began to yearn to be chosen to be a host, knowing that with a symbiont she would never be alone again. Sasha applied for a symbiont transplant, but was not selected. She was very upset about this and felt that she could no longer continue her work at the Commission.

After feeling very low for a while, her Father, who had been a highly respected member of the rebellion during the Civil war, recommending her to be enrolled in Starfleet as a doctor. Her skills were exemplary and she was quickly accepted and was posted to the USS Audacious, and later the Thunderchild, It was around this time that she first met Trex Trasera. However this experience was curtailed swiftly when the war ended and she was reassigned to care for the wounded at Spacedock. For the next few years she worked well for Starfleet but chose to give up her commission in 2395, and had begun to travel the Galaxy looking for a new assignment, when Trex contacted her and headhunted her for a position in the Kingdom of Eden, in the Ambrosia Organisation.

It was while working for the Ambrosia Corporation that young Caitian kitten R'ull came into her life. The little Cait unusually had no wish to return to his home planet and was given into the protection and citizenship of the Kingdom of Eden, where after gradually getting to know Catriani, he became her ward, terming her his "big sister". This of course was very poignant, because of the loss of her own young brother, and consequently the bond between the two is considerable, as the kitten swiftly became one of her very closest friends and confidants.

In 2400, Catriani was commissioned to work on a project for Starfleet, and met Lieutenant Commander Kainon Essa in a turbolift on Spacedock. He offered her a coffee, and then had just sat down and started to get to know each other when DS9 was attacked and he had to leave again. After that they saw each other very infrequently and it seemed that any relationship between them was doomed to failure, since meetings were usually punctuated by some form of crisis or explosion of some kind. But two years later, in the hospital ward of Eden station, Commander Kainon (as he now was)got down on one knee and proposed, and Cat, fearing that if she wasn't quick, something would disintegrate under phaser fire, accepted.

In 2403 Catriani and R'ull were moved to DS9, where she took up her new position working as the Ambrosia Corporation representative and ambassador on DS9. Shortly after this, they took possession of their first ship, the CCV Skidbladnir, a versatile Baroness class vessel which subsequently became their home. Cat is taking her time slowly decorating it and making it homely, as well as kitting it out as a mobile hospital and occasional cargo vessel.

In 2404, on 1st February, Sasha Catriani became Mrs Sasha Catriani-Kainon, more often abbreviated to Cat-Kainon. She was given away by R'ull although her proud parents were present, and wore a stunning scarlet satin floor length gown with intricate lace and embroidery detailing on the front and back of the bodice, designed for her by a new top designer working for Janet Laurels. she also wore the traditional Bajoran earring, showing her respect for her new husband's faith. The Groom looked extremely handsome in full dress uniform, proudly watched by his mother. The best man was the groom's close friend, Captain Starr, CO of the Defiant, while the ceremony was carried out by his wife, Commodore Walters-Starr, commanding officer of DS9 where the wedding was held, in a holosuite programmed to replicate the Jalandra Shrine on Bajor. The venue was littered with red flowers, roses, freesias and lilies, and the couple said their own personal vows. All in all, a very happy occasion.

Personal History

  • 2395 - Hired by Ambrosia Incorporated.
  • 2402 - Engaged to Commander Kainon Essa.
  • 2403 - Moved to DS9 to take up position of Representative of the Ambrosia Corporation there.
  • 2403 - Took possession of the CCV Skidbladnir
  • 2404 - Married to Commander Kainon Essa.
  • 2404 - Adoption of Caitian Kitten R'ull Finalised
  • 2404 - Received promotion to Marchioness.
  • 2412 - Gave birth to son, Kainon Jiral Aaron
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