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Rank: Rear Admiral 2410 SF O-8.png
Title: Inspector General of Starfleet
Race: Deltan
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Inspector General)

Cei is the Inspector General of Starfleet.


Cei is one of three children born to her parents on Delta IV in 2360, raised in a standard multi-generational home and surrounded by immediate and extended family. With the psychological and emotional connection with her and her kin, Cei experienced no hardships throughout her childhood, essentially happy and her needs well met by the communal living situation. ...With the exception of the Borg.

The young girl found tensions to be high in the family unit, the emotions and urgency passed down from the adults to the children. She felt safe, she did not feel alone, however there was the knowledge of the threat that could take her planet and all she knew away from her. However, in the end, they were safe and life continued, allowing her to grow in knowledge and intelligence.

She continued to live a normal life from there, within this new Alliance rather than the simple Federation her world had been a member of before. Cei completed higher education with a degree in law enforcement and began to work in the investigative unit local to Delta IV. While there was minimal issue within Delta IV itself due to the communal nature of the race, she was assigned to a tourist location on the peaceful planet.

Three years later, with work a bit slow yet a supurb record to that point, she was recruited by the Alliance Investigative Division as a sector investigator. She welcomed this challenge, being able to work with other Deltans while having her skills tested by non-Deltan offenders and tactics.

Several years she served with the AID, travelling up the ladder, and began to find larger desks and cushier chairs as her place of business than in the field itself. She handled more training, procedural checks, and administrative tasks, overseeing several large cases, and watching others also move up the ladder. In 2391, she earned the position of Deputy Director of the Alliance Investigative Division, working out of the Spacedock office.

In 2395, she was approached and offered a commission to serve for the military division of the Alliance, Starfleet, as a member of the Inspector General's office. This required completing OCS, initially as a Commander but earning Captain through matriculation. Soon thereafter, as a newly minted Captain, Cei was assigned to Starbase Six as the sector IG.

After serving a few years as the sector's Inspector General, she is contacted once more with a request by the Office of the Inspector General at Starfleet Headquarters to come in as acting Inspector General. She agreed, and after a change of personnel within her office at Starbase Six, she returned once more to Spacedock.


Good-conduct-medal.png Installation-service-ribbon.png Career-service-award.png
Row 1 Space Medal
Row 2 Good Conduct Medal Installation Service Ribbon Career Service Award


  • Unrestricted Line Officer
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