Ch'Rihan speaks out on killing sprees

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IC Date: Thu Oct 6 2405

Eisn (INW) - Recent murders of Romulan GA citizens have been met with widespread criticism of Fvillha t'Hlaveen's policies against Rihannsu expatriates. Since the first killings reported on Earth, critics of the Fvillha have alleged the Romulan government ordered secret death squads to round up Romuland living outside the Empire and either force them to return or execute them. Until now, the Empire has been quiet on the issue.

"The recent murders on Earth and Qo'noS are tragic, as all such crimes are. The notion that the Fvillha has in some way set these crimes in motion is absurd. The Rihannsu refugees that fled the tr'Aegis administration have been welcomed back into the Empire with open arms by Fvillha tr'Hlaveen. The Fvillha made very clear that those who did not accept his offer of amnesty are now considered Offworlders, Rihannsu no more," Advisor to the Fvillha, Saeihr t'Hlaveen, recently said in a prepared statement to reporters.

t'Hlaveen continued, "To hunt them down would be pointless, an act without reason or honor. Those who spread such rumors simply demonstrate their lack of understanding of mnhei'sahe. As for the cowards who anonymously spread lies throughout the press, to call them dha'rudh (complete idiot) would be an act of kindness."

t'Hlaveen announced that the Fvillha has tasked the Romulan diplomatic and navy branches with providing assistance to the Alliance member worlds to find those truly responsible for the killings.

"The killings are most likely a ploy aimed at further destabilizing the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Fvillha will not allow these or other cowardly acts to deter him from his goal of provide safety and security to the Rihannsu Stelam Empire," t'Hlaveen stated.

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