Chancellor Addresses Council; Calls for Elections

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IC Date: Wed Jul 30 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - In her first address to the Galaxy Alliance High Council, the new Chancellor Talia of Andor pledged to lead the Alliance as a caretaker until after elections occur. While condemning L'vralus' sudden departure as 'irresponsible,' the Chancellor conceded that he did hold valid points, and encouraged the Senate and the High Council to work together to bring real reform.

"It is clear that in these new crises we face that the way we have always done things is no longer sustainable. I call on all the candidates for the position in which I now act as caretaker to have real ideas for reform and change, so that our Alliance will grow even stronger," Talia said. "And though, by right, I can run for Chancellor myself, I pledge to keep out of the elections process entirely, that we might soon have a new Chancellor elected by the people. To ensure this happens quickly, I have directed the Alliance Elections Commission to immediately begin the filing period. There will be no further delay in our democratic right to vote."

In her twenty-five minute address, Chancellor Talia touched on many points of contention in the Alliance, including the current financial crisis and the protests occurring on many worlds. She drew the sharpest rebuke when she referred to the GA as "not an Empire, but a free affiliation of worlds," and called on the Senate President to re-open consideration of Beeraxi Secession as "we do not conquer and dominate, but vote and peacefully coexist."

The highest ranking Klingons and Selay in the Council Chambers, including Minister of Defense cho'Sheq, loudly left the chambers in protest. The Klingon Senator was quoted later as saying, "The Alliance we have built was born in war, and if this Chancellor thinks she can tame the Klingon spirit for conquest she is gravely mistaken."

Hundreds of names have already been put forth for consideration to run for the Chancellorship, according to the Elections Commission. However, no movement has yet been made by the Senate to restart any hearings. The Senate President's office did not return requests for comment by press time.

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