Chancellor Skips Borg Memorial, Draws Senate Ire

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Date: Thu Mar 24 12:56:55 2011
IC Date: Tue Jan 16 21:41:30 2407
Stardate: 84044.48

EARTH (INW) - Outraged by what was seen as an inappropriate oversight, a coalition of Senators called for the return of Chancellor cho'Sheq to the Alliance Chambers on Earth after the Alliance Leader declined to attend the Borg War Memorial earlier this week. In a letter penned by Senators Cerys of Angel One and Miran of Trill and signed by twenty-seven other Senators, the coalition questioned the Chancellor's ability to lead from Qo'noS.

"Our great Alliance was formed during the great crisis at the start of the Borg War. For a Chancellor, and a Klingon one at that, to lack the honor and common sense to attend a dedication to the billions of lives lost during the war is unfathomable. We call on the Chancellor to return to Earth and resume her duties here, with the High Council and the Senate," wrote Senator Cerys.

The Chancellor's Office provided only the following statement, "The Chancellor honors those warriors who bravely fought and died during the Borg War every day by performing her duties as the leader of the Galaxy Alliance. Chancellor cho'Sheq directed the President of the Senate to attend the event in her stead, and believes the best way to honor the dead is not through words, but through deeds." Sources close to the Chancellor were clueless as to why she decided not to attend the event that also included luminaries like the Rihannsu Fvillhu, the Cardassian Ambassador and representatives from every former and current Alliance world. Speaking off the record, a political operative on Qo'noS laughed off the affect this might have on the Chancellor, indicating that Senator Cerys herself did not attend the ceremony either.

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