Chancellor appoints Iante to Ministry of State

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Date: Mon Jul 11 20:35:31 2011 PDT
IC Date: Sun Nov 2 19:33:06 2408
Stardate: 85839.2

EARTH (INW) - Chancellor cho'Sheq, in a missive sent to the Alliance Vice-Chancellor on Earth, nominated Iante Riis to the long-vacant position of Minister of State. Iante, currently a Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs focusing on the Gorn and Cardassian territories, will reportedly assume the duties immediately while his official title is approved by the Senate.

The Ministry of State has been without leadership since 2403, when then-Minister Lorian Darin renounced her citizenship to join the newly formed Beeraxi Confederation. Since that time, the Secretaries have mostly worked independently while reporting their efforts to cho'Sheq directly. In this, Iante will be comfortable taking over directly, as he headed a Secretariat in the high-profile Cardassian regions. Iante himself is a career government official, having held a variety of clerical positions within the Ministry of State before becoming the Director of Communications in 2398. From there, he was transferred to the Diplomatic Corps, serving in a variety of roles in mostly harsh climates or dangerous zones. He became the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs assigned to the Gorn Hegemony in 2402 and, two years later, Secretary managing Gorn and Cardassian affairs. According to foreign affairs analysts on Earth, the choice of Iante over other diplomats is a distinctly Klingon approach: he's a man used to representing the Alliance to its more aggressive, militant neighbors.

Though Chancellor cho'Sheq remains at the secondary Alliance capitol on Qo'nOS, she has continually sent missives to the Vice-Chancellor to carry out duties with the High Council, catching the ire of many in the Senate, especially those from the Federation bloc-worlds. In response, approval of even the most routine items has stalled significantly in the Senate. Political insiders in the capital indicated they expected this confirmation to be especially contentious, given the Chancellor's prolonged absence and Iante's relative inexperience in less hostile locales.

In a written statement, Chancellor cho'Sheq stated she was, "pleased to nominate Secretary Iante to Minister of State. For too long has State gone without strong leadership, and I am confident Riis will engage with our neighbors and allies with honor." A spokesman for the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, which will lead the confirmation hearings, stated they had yet to receive notification from the Vice-Chancellor.

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