Chancellor approval rating at record low!

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IC Date: Tue May 27 2403

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - A joint poll conducted by Universal Strategy Groups reveals a record 21% approval rating for Chancellor Trent L'vralus. The results were released today by the USG press office in Jalanda City. They cited a margin of error of -/+ 2%, meaning that the rating could be as high as 23% or as low as 19%.

The breakdown of the new poll by member world presents a problem cropping up in the outer worlds, such as Beerax, Bajor, Trill, and Pacifica. Bajor provided the lowest number at 10%, followed by Beerax at 11%, Trill at 13%, and Pacifica at 14%. Additionally, for the first time in Alliance history, Qo'noS appeared in the bottom 20% of respondents, providing a meager 27% approval for the Chancellor.

Among the reasons given for their responses including the poor handling of the Alliance economy, the state of Alliance defenses, and the current relationship with Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire. Qo'noS cited defense as their primary concern. Bajor, Beerax, and Trill consistently reported economic concerns as their top complaints about the Chancellor.

Earth, Risa, Betazed, Delta, and Tellar topped the list of high responses, with Earth and Betazed tied at 62%. Defense and foreign relations appeared to be the highest concerns of these planets.

Political Science Professor T'Shaya of the University of Betazed's main campus reports upon analysis, that this could precipitate a vote of no confidence and force a special election, if the Chancellor does not seek immediate correction to alleviate the concerns of the citizenry.

The Chancellor's Press Secretary declined comment at the time of this report.

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