Chancellor kills Klingon Governor; Returns to Earth

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Date: Sun Jul 31 18:34:40 2011 PDT
IC Date: Mon Mar 2 07:28:00 2409
Stardate: 86166.14

QO'NOS (INW) - In an altercation in the Alliance Headquarters on Qo'noS, Chancellor cho'Sheq killed Klingon Governor Qamchee, the self-proclaimed leader of the Klingon secession movement. Sources on the Klingon homeworld say the Chancellor invoked an honor challenge with the Governor, and immediately left for Earth in the aftermath.

In recent years, Governor Qamchee has loudly demanded the Klingons leave the Alliance to chart their own destiny. It's been rumored that the reason Chancellor cho'Sheq has spent the past few years preparing the Klingons for secession, though movement was at a very slow pace. In an attempt to force cho'Sheq's hand, a group of secessionists staged a protest in the lobby of the Qo'noS Capitol Building. The Chancellor's response was to demand an honor duel with the Governor, which she won handily. She sent the rest of the protesters away, declaring them "without honor."

There was a minor outcry on Earth at the heavy-handed way in which the Chancellor dealt with her political opponent. Pundits point out, however, that Klingon Law allows for honor duals in issues related to their own world. In a statement, the Chancellor stated that, "Calls for secession are for honorless fools. This discussion is over, the Klingons will remain the backbone of the Alliance as long as I'm alive."

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