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Not unlike other games, Where No One Has Gone Before utilizes a series of flags to determine certain states or modes of existance an object has on the game. This also applies to players as well, to show where exactly you wish to notify other players of your conditions.

OOC Flags

Flag Description
CONNECTED This player is connected.
IDLE This player is more than 10 minutes idle.
WIZ This player has a wizard's bit.
PROG This player has a programmer's bit.
ADMIN This player is part of the OOC Administration.
P_OK/!P_OK This player is pageable/not pageable.
RP_OK/!RP_OK This player wants role-play/does not want role-play.
LOG_OK/!LOG_OK This player gives/does not gives permission to have his/her role-play logged for the rp-logs email list.
BUSY This player is busy and should not be bothered.

Use: @idle_msg, @pagelock, @rp, @logs, and @busy to toggle the flags.

IC Flags

Flags below are settable by using the command '@rpflags'.

Flag Description
TS_OK/!TS_OK This player allows/does not allow tinysex roleplay.
ANGST_OK/!ANGST_OK This player allows/does not allow angst-based roleplay.
PK_OK/!PK_OK This player allows/does not allow his/her player to be killed in role-played conflict.
TP_OK/!TP_OK This player is interested/not interested in a role-play tinyplot
COMBAT_OK/!COMBAT_OK This player allows/does not allow combat-related role-play.
MID-TP This player is currently in the middle of a role-play tinyplot and may not be able to engage in another tinyplot presently.

Please read 'news tinysex' in-game or refer to the wiki page TinySex for detailed policies about tinysex on WNOHGB.

ANGST is a form of roleplay involving extreme emotional or physical situations that the characters may face. This might range from heated arguments and physical conflict due to an IC disagreement, graphic violence or torture if a character is captured as a spy or a POW. It may also include more extreme forms roleplay. If you become engaged in roleplay that goes beyond what you feel you can tolerate or enjoy, simple tell the other characters involved and discuss alternate means of resolving the incident. If you are unable to do so, page a wizard for assistance or intervention.

COMBAT means exactly what it sounds like. Keep in mind that even though your character is set !COMBAT_OK, that doesn't mean you can't be harmed. There are no immortal characters on WNOHGB. What fun would that be?

PK_OK indicates whether or not you wish to allow your character to be killed in IC roleplay. Players that choose to negate this flag (!PK_OK) must keep in mind that there are situations that a character might encounter where survival is not guaranteed. The staff of WNOHGB will make reasonable attempts to preserve the life of characters who are !PK_OK, but some encounters only have one possible outcome. IE. A character who is in the SFMC and `dies' in combat might be found by a search and rescue team and resuscitated, then required to spend some time in the hospital or rehab. A character that is surrounded by armed men and tries to fight his way free thinking his !PK_OK will save him is sadly mistaken.

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