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To begin chargen, type @cg.

Help is always available during CharGen from the [CharGen] channel. You can talk on it by typing cg <stuff>. You are also welcome to page anyone with a % beside their name, or anyone on @guides, @royals or @wizards.


Room One

The first room serves as an introduction to the game. You are expected to read the following before continuing to the next stage:

You can also toggle color on or off by typing @color.

Room Two

In Step Two you choose your character's race. To see the breakdown of current races, type @census.

To begin, type @race. To select a race, you'll need to note its ID number and type @race #<number>.

Also see:

Room Three

Step Three selects your gender and confirms the appropriateness of your name. To set your gender, type either @gender male or @gender female.

Names are important on WNO. Please make sure that your name matches your race and gender. If you are planning to join Starfleet, your last name will need to be your last name. You can easily change your name by typing @rename me to "Name". Note: Please keep in mind that we do not allow spaces in usernames.

Room Four

Step Four is where you roll your stats and set your age. See Attributes for more information on attributes, or utilize the below for a more abbreviated explanation:

@ Name Short Description
@IQ Intelligence Quotient IQ of your character is IQ times 10, AKA a 17 roll is a 170 IQ.
@ME Mental Endurance Amount of mental and emotional stress your character can withstand.
@MA Mental Affinity A character's physical charm or charisma.
@PS Physical Strength The raw physical power of your character.
@PP Physical Prowess The dexterity and agility of your character.
@PE Physical Endurance Your character's stamina and durability.
@PB Physical Beauty The physical attractiveness of your character.
@SP Speed The character's maximum running speed.

A stat of between 8-12 is considered average for a human.

Once you have finished rolling ALL of your stats, do not forget to type @ahp to complete your stats!

You'll also want to set your age at this stage. You can do so by typing @setage <years> <months> <days>.

Room Five

In the fifth room you set your character's description. This should include only what others would be able to see about your character's physical characteristics, you'll be adding a clothing description later. You can set your description in one of two ways:

  • @describe me as "<Description>"


  • @edit me.description.
    • Then, use the multi-line editor to create your description. For more help on the editor, type ?editors.

Room Six

In the sixth room, you'll create a clothing description for yourself. This should be civilian garb, as the majority of companies and organizations, including Starfleet, will provide uniforms to those who join them ICly. You can set your wearing description by typing:

  • @wearing me is "Description".

WNO uses a multi-outfit system to organize different clothing descriptions. You can find more information about this sytem by typing @outfits.

Room Seven

In room seven you'll want to set your weight and height using the following:

  • @weight <weight-in-pounds-or-kilos> (ie: @weight 100 lbs. or @weight 100kg)
  • @height <height-in-feet-or-meters> (ie: @height 5'2" or @height 1.5m)

Room Eight

Room seven will guide you in setting up your OOC and IC Flags. The first two are OOC flags and work as toggles:

  • @logs - Do you give consent to have role-play logged
  • @busy - You are currently busy

The remaining flags are IC and can all be set at one time. You can indicate a negative setting for each by prepending them with a '!':

  • @rpflags <[!]TS_OK [!]ANGST_OK [!]PK_OK [!]TP_OK [!]COMBAT_OK>

Room Nine

Finally, you have reached the end of chargen! We ask that you take the time to create a biography at this stage. You are not required to have a background created and approved to go @ic and RP, but you will be required to create one within 90-days after creation. Before your submit your bio, be sure to @birthplace me is "Birthplace". Also, see the following for assistance:

We'd love to hear how players come to the game. If you were invited here, please type @referred and let us know who referred you!

Finally, you should be able to go @ic.

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