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Rank: 2410 SF O-2.png

Lieutenant JG

Title: Medical Officer, USS Yorktown
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet


Chelik was born in 2387 to two Starfleet officers of the USS Gurnsback- a modest exploration vessel. Both his father Sorik and mother Trine were Vulcan. As an only child he was doted upon by the rest of the crew in lieu of any real amount of attention from his mother and father. Both engineering officers, they spent much of their time attending to the needs of the Gurnsback itself as opposed to those of Chelik. Accordingly, he bonded more with a human medical officer named Laura Diven than he did with his parents.

Nevertheless, Chelik’s parents set aside enough time to verse him in the philosophy of Surak, and he accordingly had a relatively typical Vulcan childhood. This did not break the early bond forged between himself and Diven however, and it was often said jokingly by her (and in rarely glimpsed anger by his parents) that Chelik was the ‘most human Vulcan on the ship’.

As an exploration vessel the Gurnsback was haphazardly pressed into the violence of the civil war following the declaration of martial law. However, as with most exploration vessels of the time it was repurposed as a patrol vessel rather than a front-line attack ship. For the duration of the war, the Gurnsback plied a largely uneventful patrol route, only occasionally becoming involved in skirmishes. Although tensions amongst the ship’s crew were doubtlessly present, Chelik insulated himself from most of it at the command of his parents. On the odd occasion that he would dare to ask his close friend Diven about the matter, she’d become incredibly solemn and request he drop the topic.

By the time she had returned to her homeport, the Gurnsback had ridden out the war relatively intact, as had Chelik’s childhood. With their return came a transfer for Chelik and his parents. Their engineering expertise was needed to tend to the systems of a frigate named the USS Paulo, a prestigious transfer in terms of status but one that neccatated leaving Doctor Diven behind. Though Chelik had become attached to the entire Gurnsback crew, saying goodbye to the doctor- perhaps his only true childhood friend, was by far the most difficult aspect of leaving.

The Paulo was hospitable enough, but the crew were an insular lot. And there was no Laura. Hardened by the uprooting, Chelik threw himself into the schooling offered by the ship and engrossed himself fully into the teachings of Surak as intended by his parents. By adolescence he had become both a model student, and in the eyes of his parents, a model Vulcan. Though he displayed an aptitude with all areas of general study he became fascinated with human psychology in particular. Somewhat dismayed at his lack of interest in engineering, his parents still supported Chelik in his studies.

Eventually Chelik’s time on the Paulo too ended, as it had on the Gurnsback before. By this point he had resolved to follow in his parent’s footsteps- in as far as enlisting with Starfleet. As for a future in engineering, he had decided that was a non-starter. At the age of 18 Chelik enrolled at the Starfleet Academy, backed by a letter of recommendation signed by Laura Diven, by then Commander Diven. As with the self-study prescribed to him aboard the Paulo, Chelik excelled at the Academy, completing the four year programme with scores high enough to warrant assignment to the Starfleet Medical Academy for another two years upon his request to do so.

Alongside advancing his knowledge of human psychology, Chelik became an adept medical doctor, as expected of all potential medical officers within Starfleet. After an uneventful period of duty assigned to the installation Spacedock for his medical residency, he returned to the Academy to gain further qualifications in cross-species counselling. With his studies complete, the newly qualified Doctor Chelik sought assignment to a vessel. His time at Spacedock had been of some enjoyment to him, but he yearned for the feel of a ship; partly out of nostalgia and partly out of a need for excitement.

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