Chief of Starfleet Security Resigns

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Date: Mon Jun 20 21:21:30 2011
IC Date: Mon Jun 30 01:09:00 2408
Stardate: 85495.46

STARFLEET COMMAND, SPACEDOCK (INW) -- Rear Admiral Gregorio Giovanni, Chief of Starfleet Security, has tendered his formal resignation from Starfleet. Giovanni's resignation marks the end of military career that spanned nearly three decades and earned him numerous decorations. In an official letter, Giovanni cited current events involving the Bajoran Navy as part of the reason for the decision behind his resignation. He stated that he "could no longer ... perform [his] duties" in light of current events.

Giovanni's choice to resign rather than retire will cost him several lucrative benefits reserved for flag officers who retire after thirty years of service. However, the principles upon which Giovanni resigned seemed to weigh more heavily than any loss of potential benefits.

Giovanni's decorations include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Serivce Medal, Legion of Honor, Purple Heart, Space Medal, Unit Commendation Ribbon, and two Good Conduct Medals. In his career, he saw action in both the Breen War and the Freedom War.

A spokesman for Admiral Ruao Sarjanna said that Giovanni's unexpected resignation was a "considerable loss" for Starfleet.

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